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Sep 9, 2010 01:08 PM

is there a decent kitchen gadget place left in Milwaukee?

I know the commercial places, but Gourmet Cottage is apparently no longer in Brookfield, the Gourmet Outfitters is long since gone, the place up in Manatowic went under (upsets me - that was my excuse to also go to Pine River Cheese) anything else in driveable distance?

Williams-Sonoma is not really an option in my book. Anywhere else? Anything locally owned?

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  1. Since you're okay with driving a bit:

    Le Cookery in Lake Geneva is a little on the small side but has a nice selection of tools and things (and then you can go to The Cheese Box!).

    The Cook Book Kitchen Store in Sister Bay (Door County) - I got the best flour sifter and a whole bunch of thin spatulas there.

    If you wouldn't mind a few commercial places - not locally owned but fun to have them all together in one location:

    Prime Outlet Mall in Pleasant Prairie has Le Gourmet Chef, Calphalon, Corningware/Corelle, Kitchen Collection, Knife Factory, and Le Creuset, (and Ghiradelli Chocolate where they hand you a free sample when you walk in the door. Yum!


    Cheese Box
    801 S Wells St, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

    1. I'm not sure what type of kitchen gadgets you are thinking of, but this place is pretty remarkable. and locally owned:

      The website shows maybe 10% of what is in the store.

      1. fein brothers
        restaurant depot (you need membership
        also, depending on what you're looking for, there's a bar supply store on Greenfield at about 68th(ish) that has some fun stuff