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Bruschetta or Crostini Toppings . . . what are your favourites?

On garlic-rubbed, grilled bread my latest favourites are:

- roasted cherry or grape tomatoes with fresh basil and shaved parmesan
- fresh buffalo mozzarella pulled into small pieces and tossed w home made chilli oil and sea salt
- sauteed mixed, wild mushrooms, served warm w some cambrazola
- roasted pears with cambrazola (no garlic rubbed on these toasts)

What are your favourites?

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  1. small dice chilled roasted beets - tossed with s&p, balsamic glaze or vinegar - and grated, diced, or shaved parmesan (lots of it) - maybe some parsley...

    adapted from Mario Batali....

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      i like to pair beets with goat cheese or feta and some rosemary and chives as well!

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        Omg this sounds amazing and right before I was going to harvest my beets! Thanks!

      2. I also enjoy grilled pita too with any, and all of the following dips or toppings

        hummous, bhabha ganoush, tzitiki
        white bean truffle dip
        variety of roasted peppers - green, yellow and red with some balsamic and evo
        shaved rare cold roast beef with parmesan, arugula and evo
        gravlox, arugula and capers
        parmesan cream

        hmmm, have to continue thinking......

        1. Simple - just tomato, garlic and basil. And oil of course.

          1. goat cheese, honey and walnuts
            ricotta (or goat cheese) and roasted beets
            tomato and basil
            figs and cheese

            all are so easy and so loved.

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              I love cheese and honey on warm bread. My favorite is gorgonzola dolce with honey served warm.

            2. The following on slices of plain toasted baguette or Italian bread crostini

              Smoked gouda & pear with walnuts; return to oven just to partially melt cheese.
              Thinly sliced fresh peaches topped with a salad of baby arugula dressed in balsamic reduction
              Chunks of roasted eggplant, garlic & onion & topped with shaved parmesan
              Oven crisp prosciutto, roasted asparagus, feta & lemon vinaigrette; return to oven to partially melt feta the drizzle the vinaigrette.

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                Mmm Cheryl, you got me with that last one....definitely on the menu for us this weekend!!

              2. caramelized onions and mushrooms with marsala and parsley
                fire-roasted corn, black beans, chopped tomatoes and cilantro
                roasted butternut squash cubes with gruyere and sage
                feta, mint, tomatoes, olives
                grilled peaches with olive oil and basil
                butter, roasted garlic and parmesan :)

                1. In my mind, nothing can rival garden tomatoes, garden basil, buff. mozz., minced garlic, 3 drops of red wine or balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, cracked pepper. But then again, it's my favorite food in the whole world. BEST SOLO DINNER EVAR!

                  One of the ways I branch out... diced avocado, chopped cilantro, crumbled queso fresco, a little squeeze of lime juice and a few drops of hot sauce. Sometimes, I am compelled to add tomatoes to this combo, because they get mad when I have garlic-rubbed crostini and I leave them sitting on the counter.

                  1. Goat chese, fig jam, chopped prosciutto and caramelized walnuts.

                    1. Fig jam, slice of apple, slice of parm, sea salt.

                      1. Thanks everyone for these great ideas, I've saved the page for future reference!

                        1. No one said shrimp! I like it sauteed with little garlic, chopped fresh tomatoes, tarragon & stir in marscapone cheese.
                          Of course tomato/basil w fresh mozz is my fave...

                          1. great thread, love em all - lately for a quick good breakfast I'm doing sliced apples or pears on peanut butter - my breakfast bruschetta (sprinkled with ground flaxseed and drizzle of agave nector.)

                            1. "- fresh buffalo mozzarella pulled into small pieces and tossed w home made chilli oil and sea salt"

                              Sub fresh ricotta for the mozzarella, drizzle with your chili oil and sprinkle with sea salt and you have another delicious option.

                              1. Traditional tuscan topping: chicken livers. Rinse, dry chicken livers, saute in olive oil with garlic, bay leaf/sage leaf, salt and pepper til cooked but still a little pink in the center, deglaze with a splash of white wine. Cool, mash coarsely with a fork, check seasoning. Spread on lightly toasted baguette slices, drizzle with more oil, bake til edges brown.

                                1. grilled chicken livers, carmelized onion, lemon zest, grind of pepper
                                  quince and walnut jam/ shaved manchego
                                  rare roast beef, horseradish cream
                                  brie and olivada

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                                    Fresh tomatoes, onion and garlic marinated for an hour in olive oil.

                                    Spread over thick slice of French bread, sprinkle with a creamy Blue Cheese, (a buttermilk bleu is awesome), then into the toaster oven to warm and slightly melt the cheese.

                                    Then top with a couple of thin avocado slices and serve.

                                    (Don't say I didn't warn you.)