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Post-Breakup Meal?

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I'm anticipating a breakup. While I don't plan on being a ravaged mess afterwards, I do think a bit of culinary consolation is in order - I'll take the balm of a good meal over a dive bar stup or Ben and Jerry's coma. Anyone have any experiences or recs for food and/or bars?

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  1. I think a high end sushi fix would be in order. Leave yourself in the incredible hands of Mr. Yasuda and get away from it all at Sushi Yasuda...don't miss it.

    1. Take yourself to wherever your soon to be ex wanted to go the most. Unless it's a dive.

      1. I would go with the Bacon Cheese Burger and Onion Rings at Mollys

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          Wo Hop, 17 Mott St., downstairs. Good greasy food to warm the soul.

          Wo Hop
          17 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

        2. aquagrill. you can eat light, so u wont be bloated in case you guys make up and get it on. people also say oysters are aphrodisiacs. but in case it doesn't turn out well u can have their chocolate tasting dessert. and if it's before 7 you can head over to Kee's Chocolate to further your carbicide.

          Kee's Chocolates
          80 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012

          1. I'd go somewhere lower end, because at a high end meal part of the excitement is sharing, talking about the food, etc. Eating alone at a high end place can be depressing, especially whene there are lots of boisterous large groups, people on dates, and whatnot.

            I'd probably go to Lan Zhou Handmade Noodle on East Broadway. Comforting, good stuff, and no need to converse with anyone. Get a bowl of noodles and a plate of dumplings, a great place to be alone with your thoughts. NOT to be confused with the Lan Zhou place on Division - which is far inferior, all bright and shiny and new. Not as good for eating alone.

            If I was going high-end, I'd pick a place where you could eat at the bar that has an engaging bartender, and where the food is interesting enough that it could be a good place to strike up a conversation with another solo diner, if there is one - WD-50 fits my bill for that.

            50 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002

            Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle
            144 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002

            1. I'd probably go eat at the bar at Beacon. It's a lively place, really good wines by the glass, and eat the Lobster Soup and the Wood Roasted Oysters. (They make an excellent burger on weeknights, too.)

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                i think the Yasuda suggestion by sockster is what i would do. Nothing like sitting at the bar there and getting wonderful fish served to you piece by piece. I always walk out of that place with an afterglow regardless of who i am with or not with.

              2. I would seek out comfort food, fried chicken and mac n cheese etc along with strong whiskey

                Gus and Gabriel on the UWS would fit

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                1. wo hop? do you want him to commit suicide?

                  1. Momofuku ramen at momofuku noodle bar. I swear it cures all ills, physical and emotional.

                    1. It depends on your state of mind. Sometimes break ups throw you for a loop in a way you least expect. Do you expect you're going to want a very social place to celebrate your new freedom?

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                        Good Point. Am I the only one who wonders if the breakup has happened? I keep reading all the replies to see if it has. Personally I would choose a place that is comfortable and familiar, but maybe not somewhere you went a lot with your SO.

                      2. i would eat lots of pasta and drink good chianti. waiters at most italian resturants are very flirty, so i would take advantage of that. for dessert make out with a cute stranger but be sure to stop there.