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Sep 9, 2010 11:01 AM

Cook's Illustrated - French Equivallent

I am a big fan of the American magazine Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Kitchen. I love their approach to developing recipes and their in depth reviews of tools and ingrediants. Does anyone know of a magazine published in France that has a similar style and content?

Thanks for your help,

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  1. Christopher Kimball has really poured a new mold with CI (I get no $ for this endorsement). I don't know of any French or English mag that does the sort of things he does: identification of odd and old tools, neat tricks and practical help. Why does one need another? I read Regal but it's not the same.

    1. My observation is that the French are not "geeky" about food the way some Americans are. They have no need to dissect every aspect of every dish.

      I guess you can tell I am not a fan of Kimball and his approach.

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        I find him insufferable. His cadre also. Too many goody two shoes for me. Also, I bristle when someone touts his method as "best". At my age, I realize that there are at least a zillion ways to skin a cat.

        I subscribe to Regal, Elle a Table and Saveurs, which has little in common with American Saveur. I find the level of description and instruction excellent in each of these.