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Sep 9, 2010 10:50 AM

Rome for Meat Eaters?

My husband and I will be spending three days in Rome, and are looking forward to the food.
We get a lot of seafood where we live, and pasta is great, but we are especially interested in meat dishes - suckling pig, lamb, goat, etc. (we are less likely to venture into liver, brains, tripe etc).

We favor a romantic trattoria type of place over a very fine dining kind of place. (We're staying at the Hilton and I know many here swear by La Pergola - which I'm sure is wonderful, but it's not really our scene.)

Ideas we have so far:

La Campana
Armando al Pantheon
La Taverna da Giavanni (near Castel SantAngelo)
Giarrosto Dal Toscano at Via Germanica 56, near the Vatican Museum.

Comments on these, and any other suggestions, are much appreciated.

also, would you recommend we get reservations for lunch or dinner, midweek in Sept?

Thank you

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  1. You won't find suckling pig or goat. Lamb, yes. Girarrosto dal Toscano would be good for Tuscan-style steaks. For roast lamb with potatoes, a Roman specialty, it's hard to beat Felice in Testaccio. For oxtail, Checchino dal 1887.

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        Just make sure you're aware that the lamb will not be Anglo-French style. It's cooked through and the animal is much younger, ideally milk-fed. Don't ask for it rare.

    1. The braised lamb hearts with artichokes at Armando al Pantheon were delicisous. I second the suggestion for oxtail at Checchino. What a wonderful sauce!

      I would make resevations.. Armando's is small and fills up quickly ( we ate dinner there, so can't comment on lunch.) We were walking by in the afternoon and stopped in and made reservations for that evening. They were turning people away without reservations that night.