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Has anyone been to Red Stag SupperClub (NE Mpls)?

Just curious. We went last weekend and everybody (about 10 people) were a little split on it. Curious to see what everyone thinks. The online reviews are kind of mix and match, too.


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  1. I think it is that kind of place. I remember ordering a shrimp dish for lunch that had 3 or 4 little shrimp, and my dining companion having a salad the size of her head at the same meal. I think it can be pricey for what you get and I have yet to be wowed by what I have eaten. (I guess I like that big portion, or really fabulous flavor if you are just giving me a few bites.) Food has been fine, service is usually OK. It has a nice "vibe", but I do not go out of my way to eat there. When I hear other reviews, I have to believe I have not ordered well or I am missing something. In the neighborhood, I would much sooner go to Gardens of Salonica or Wilde Roast.

    Gardens of Salonica
    19 5th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

    Wilde Roast Cafe
    518 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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      Yeah, that's kind of what my impression was, although I stuck with the clams and pasta, but some of our companions were disappointed by their cuts of meat. I'll check out those two other places, as it's pretty close to my friend's place. Thanks!

    2. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/614601

      That's one thread that has some opinions about the place. Just doing a search for it also yields about two pages of threads where Red Stag is mentioned for its fish fry, steaks, pickled foods, mac and cheese, and so on.

      Personally, I haven't been there since December, 2009. I don't remember details, but I remember liking what I had. I went there with some co-workers, and I remember them asking questions like "What's in the _____?"

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        Rockyd, what do you like at Gardens of Salonica or Wilde Roast?

        Gardens of Salonica
        19 5th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

        Wilde Roast Cafe
        518 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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          I am not someone who orders the same thing time after time, so it is hard to tell you specific menu items I always get. My likes are often about the choices I have, the service I get, and the over food and ambiance.

          Gardens does a nice job, in my opinion, of standard Greek fare. I love their skordalia (that potato garlic spread that is like crack for me.) They often have lamb specials, that vary in name, but usually have something to do with braising in red wine and their standard Orzo Arni is my husband's choice. I have a friend who loves the giant lima beans (and yes, she is still my friend.)

          Wilde Roast: I have found the place more to my taste overall than Red Stag, which I think tries too hard. They have limited menu, but I have found their sandwiches, etc. to be tasty and filling. I like the fact I can have a dessert, while my dining companion has a meal, and not feel bad about my little order at all.

          I will try Red Stag's brunch per the suggestions on this thread.

          Wilde Roast Cafe
          518 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

        2. Red Stag has one of the best weekend brunches in town. Seriously great brunch.

          Dinner has been hit or miss. A couple of fantastic dishes (smelt fries, roast chicken), plus a few overcooked or dried out misses all at the same table.

          Great NE location, great drinks, fun live music in the evenings.

          1. I've always been happy with my visits.

            Their Friday night fish fry is probably the star of the show for me, though I've never tried the brunch.

            1. Oh hell yeah, I've been here. I went there about a month ago. And I wrote this in the fish fry thread:

              I was in the mood for a friday fish fry and I tried the Red Stagg Supper club, per the recommendations on this thread. The cod I ordered was spectacular. I ordered fries instead of chips and they were probably the best french fries I ever had in my life. They were fresh cut fries, slightly well-done, with parmesan, chives, and bits of sauteed onions--incredible. The cod was fried just right, crisp and not too greasy. The tartar sauce was authentic and flavorful. The coleslaw was authentic too, with celery and onion, but not exactly my taste because it had a stinging bite to it. But if the friday fish fry is any indication of the food at this place, they are good. Thumbs up all-around.

              1. I'm also a fan.

                Realize that a good deal of the food is local and organic and you pay for this in slightly higher prices and/or smaller portions (think Coop price vs Rainbow price). Personally I find it even, fair and expected. I also hate enormous portions and food waste so it works in that regard as well.

                The duck confit with pate and compressed watermelon they have right now are outstanding. The cheese curds are the best in town (battered, not breaded). The cheese plate is balanced. The grits are good as are the seasonal greens. The mains can be uneven but I've enjoyed their cassoulet, smoked pork chop, lamb shank, and fish fry in the past.

                Service is competent and friendly. Good bartenders that can make a solid old fashioned. I prefer it to the other places listed int this thread for a sit-down dinner for reasons I won't go into, but realize I live in the neighborhood and eat at all of the places listed at least a couple times a month. Brasa is still the neighborhood winner however.

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                  Ahh, that makes sense. Yeah, we were riding around and nobody wanted to carry around leftovers, so that helped.

                  I'd love to try that duck and the aforementioned fish fry -- sounds promising.

                  The service was great, though: first at the bar for two rounds of drinks, then the server that dealt with us nine or 10 guys all ordering different stuff, drinks, etc. I enjoyed it, but again, I stuck with the casual pasta and it's hard to mess that up.

                2. Fun place - nice vibe. Kim does a good overall job with her 3rd restaurant. However it has been a bit hit and miss. Three weeks ago four of us went with mixed results. Service was excellent at the beginning - but became confusing and slow as the dinner progressed. The sweet corn soup was outstanding. Two of us had the walleye fish fry and it was disappointing (very small portions and not very fresh tasting) ... My GF had the linguini and clams that was drowned in a heavy cream sauce that made the dish marginal at best. One entree didn't show until the 3 of us were almost done with our main courses........Drinks were good, nice beer selection. I thinks Kim's best efforts are to be found at Barbette and BLB. This was my 3rd dinner at Red Stag - the first couple were much better in all areas...