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Sep 9, 2010 10:15 AM

Borrelli's Italian Deli, 322 Merrimack Street, Methuen, MA

I went there for the made-fresh-daily Ricotta, but was blown away by the array of home-cured Italian deli specialties (I went home with Genoa and hot ham, but that's just the tip of the iceberg) and great deli salads. I couldn't resist the roasted-on-the-premises corned beef brisket, either. Too many great things to count or to get all on a first trip. Going back for sure!!!

They carry Korbani's fresh-daily Syrian bread right there at the counter, too.

Borrelli's Italian Delicatessen
322 Merrimack St, Methuen, MA 01844

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  1. Huge Borrelli's fan here too. You have to try their sausages. I dare you to tell me that they are not in your "top three favorite sausages ever" category. I mentioned them in this link awhile back.

    1. why not just drive down the street to Korbani's - they're right on 110 heading towards Lawrence.
      then you can get the hummus and tabouli to go with it.

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      1. re: MABMAQ

        Oh, but I did! It was all on the circuit. I'm not a hummus and tabouli guy, but I did bag some Armenian string cheese and spinach and feta "pizza" while I was there. Review to come!

      2. Big Fan of Borelli's, even more so in it's newer, and larger location.