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Sep 9, 2010 09:11 AM

Stirling Hotel-Sterling

Invited for lunch, any info?...thnx

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  1. Burgers and beer are the only thing I have had here in the last 12 years and they are always the same, rock solid

    I go on off times with my yoga mates (guys yoga - lets be good for an hour and then go have a burger and a few pitchers!) as there is a great yoga studio (core connection) right up the street.

    Definetly worth a lunch stop, you should enjoy it it is really unique.

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    1. re: carlylecat

      thanx for the info...burger is in-yoga out....

      1. re: gudeatz

        No worries, no yoga required

        have fun, parking is weird it is behind the building/storefront, you enter their lot next to where the railroad tracks are

      2. re: carlylecat

        They have a decent number of microbrews on tap, which is rare in that area...

      3. Their website is bad - very cute and fancy but doesn't convey important facts like directions (look for the Compass in the top right corner) and the fact that they are closed on Mondays is in mini-micro-sized font.

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        1. re: GraydonCarter

          A large group of us were there a few nights ago--I'd never been there before. Place is a lot of fun,and they have some good craftbrews on tap. Based on what we all had, food was so-so: I had steak frites, hangar steak, ordered rare, came out almost raw, but I did not bother to send it back. Couple of guys got pork chop special which they said was not very good--dried out and bland. I would definitely stick to the basics here.

        2. Thanx to all who provided info..

          Three for lunch...We all started with veg. beef barley soup, which was nothing special..Hard to enjoy a burger that is smaller then the bun it is served on..Chicken sandwich and the philly cheesteak where enjoyed by my buds...Sweet potatoe frys, a winner..

          Don't recall the names of the micro brews, but the boys did not complain.

          Grunge type of place...

          Stirling Hotel
          227 Main Ave Ste A, Stirling, NJ 07980

          1. My recommendation - have beer for lunch. we LOVE the beer list, not such fans of the food. Ribs are flavorless. The bugers are ok, but nothing great. Last time our fries were soft and cold... but the beers, oh the beers they have on tap!


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            1. re: ladyberd

              "oh the beers they have on tap! "
              "Don't recall the names of the micro brews"
              "They have a decent number of microbrews on tap"

              OK, I'll admit to being "beer centric"- I'll even admit to eating at places with average-subpar food just to have good beer.

              But, "reviews" of the sort above, to me at least, are akin to writing:

              "Our meals were great. We had food. My husband had one kind of food (meat) and I had another (vegetables)."

            2. Sterling Hotel is one of my favorite places to visit again and again. They make their own veggie burgers for those who don't eat meat (their bluecheese & bacon burger is delicious). The veggie burgers are lentil, white bean, and two types of black bean. The sweet potato fries are fresh. The dinner entrees look good passing by but I stick to the above because they are good. Yes, the regular burgers are smaller than the rolls but the rolls are very large Kaiser rolls.

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              1. re: queeks

                Unless you are on a motorcycle or home from college avoid this place. I've had better food at St. Barnabas.

                1. re: coldbeer

                  Ditto on that Coldbeer and I motorcycle by it often and just keep on rollin north toward Flanders on 206 to the After Char Broil, 35 minutes past there. No beer but great authentic charbroiled burgers,fresh roll crinkle cut fries.