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Sep 9, 2010 07:34 AM

La Table Joel Robuchon


Has anyone been there recently. We will be going to Paris for the first time and for some reason my husband has always wanted to try his restaurants.
I saw a club menu- is that just for lunch?
How's dinner prices there?

If given the choice, should I go to this or Jules Verne up in Eiffel Tower (lunch)?


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  1. There last November, was similar food as Atelier but with 55 Euro price including, wine, water, and coffee. It was very nice and very cheap. Have not been back as too many other choices, but certainly would if asked. Went to Jules Verne some time back, beautiful view, good service.

    1. The club menu is lunch only (59 Euros now). We just went this past Monday. The atmosphere is more old-school, cigar lounge type of feel, but the food and service were quite good. You get a choice of appetizer, entree and desserts (also a cheese plate) as well as all the drinks, overall an awesome deal in Paris even with the price increase.

      1. The choice between Jules Vernes and lunch deal at La Table is first and foremost about money: for 59€, Ducasse will give you a condescending look.

        Lunch deal at La Table, indeed 59 all included, is one of the great great values in town. But it's not better than the more expensive great value: it's very inferior to Ledoyen's 89, Le Cinq's 85, food wise. First and foremost, it's not a Robuchon restaurant in the sense that Jamin was. It's a great conservatory, a place where you eat very well, "modern classic", where things are very well done. But it's almost never reaching for the exceptional.

        At 150 plus wine, I don't think I would do dinner at La Table -- not good enough, not comfortable enough for that price.