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Sep 9, 2010 07:01 AM

Moe's Burger Joint

Saw that Moe's Buger Joint is going to be opening in Riverside/Old Greenwich location (across from Taco Bell). Is anyone familiar with Moe's?


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  1. I saw that too - I think it's yet another independent burger joint trying to cash in on the burger trend (which IMO has come and gone).

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      "the burger trend (which IMO has come and gone)." - jfood would vote the other way on this one.

      Now if you were to say the crappo burger trend, a la 5Gs then he hopes you are correct. when people think an over cooked overfatted piece of meat is a good burger then what can you say. there are some great burgers in FFD (everyone knows them) but the burger wannabees and "call it organic and they will come" syndrome hopefully has come and gone.

    2. I just went to Moe's a few hours ago for lunch and it was a very good burger. They've got a slightly retro-diner feel going on in there (think In-and-Out Burgers), which I was a bit turned off by. But the burger I had was fantastic - thick 1/3lb patty cooked medium-rare to perfection. They've got a laundry list of potential toppings, and a "secret sauce" which was pretty standard for burger shops. I'll go back.

      1. I went to Moe’s last November for my normal bacon cheese burger fries and chocolate shake. In my humble opinion, the place was somewhat disappointing.

        I ordered my Bacon-Cheeseburger, fries and shake and sat at the counter overlooking the grill. The burgers they placed on the flat top were large. Over the course of the next few minutes I watched the burger-chef squeeze every ounce of juice out of these patties. It was like watching a first time griller-dad who just moved to the ‘burbs and has his first gas grill. He just kept squeezing and sizzlin’. He placed a long strip of bacon on the flattop, cut in half, added two slices of American Cheese and placed them on the sesame seed covered bun that was heated on the grill. It was a nice sized burger The taste and juiciness of the burger were exactly as expected...although the burger was cooked to a perfect medium-rare, the burger-chef had removed 95% of the burger’s juiciness. The bacon and cheese were very flavorful but I wanted to taste the meat so I pulled a piece of meat from the bun and sample by itself. This was not a deep flavored meat, very bland, and, as expected, extremely compressed. Very disappointing.

        The fries were traditional McD-style fries that were crispy on the exteriors, but there was little if any softness or potato flavor on the inside of the fries. They were fair at best, arrived with no salt, and I only ate about half of them.

        On a positive note...the highlight of the meal was the chocolate shake (served without the whipped cream). Ghiradelli’s chocolate syrup and Grant’s ice cream (that is what they told me) are the main ingredients and it was very smooth, had a good chocolaty flavor and I really enjoyed the shake. Should have ordered one to go.

        Overall I was disappointed in my experience at Moe’s after high hopes from other reviews.