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Where to Buy Great Beer in Paris

My son and his girlfriend are Brown students spending the year in Paris (his senior year and her junior year) and they are looking for a place to buy great beer. They tried Spring Boutique without much success. I would be grateful for suggestions to pass on to them. Many thanks in advance.

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      Many thanks. I sent the link to my son.

    2. They could try one of the "Frog" micro-brewary pubs. There are a few across Paris, they make an English style beer which is interesting and many find it good. All their bars are popular and quite studenty.

      1. Cave a Bulles at 45 Rue Quincampoix just off Blvd Sebastopol in the 3rd specializes in artisanal, yes the word is overused but accurate here, French beer. Big selection of unusual stuff, many available to be tasted.

        1. Visit Brussels. It's only a little over an hour by train. Best place to explore beer!

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            For a big selection of French, Belgian and other brews to take home, there's a store: La Soif du Malt, 77 rue de St Maur, Paris 11eme. Metro Parmentier.

          2. The Bières Demory, an old Parisian brewery, was recently revived. Their products are available in some trendy bars and cafés.
            See http://www.demoryparis.com/

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            1. There are about four places to buy beer in Paris.

              - The Bootlegger, rue de l'Ouest in the XVe is one of the oldest shops in town, and has a good assortment of Belgian beers, some French, German and English beers, but whose selection has gone a bit stale for my taste. I guess he relies on the same old supplier, and doesn't seem to try really hard to stock new exciting stuff. Still, this is a very good shop as far as old classics go, and his price on the Bon Voeux de la Brasserie Dupont makes it a real bargain.

              - Terre de Bières in the Marché St Quentin. The owner stocks mostly French beers, but also has the usual Belgian stuff. All in all, the selection is not particularly interesting, and the prices are higher than at some other shops, so I don't see any point going there, unless you're just in the neighborhood and have beer cravings. I didn't find the owner to be particularly knowledgeable, too.

              - Bières Cultes. They have two shops, one rue Damrémont in the XVIIIe and the other one rue Legendre in the XVIIe. They also mainly focus on Beligan beers, and some of the good French breweries. They have a bit more "rare" stuff than the other two I mentioned above. The owners are nice and they know their beers. I could have become one of the best beer shop in Paris, but they didn't manage (or want?) to try stocking really rare/fantastic beers.

              - La Cave à Bulles. It opened mid-2006 as an organic/French beer shop, with a few Belgian beers. It has now evolved, and become the best beer shop in town. Simon Thilloux, the owner, now really tries hard to get access to new/rare/extreme beers (like Mikkeller, Norrebro, Flying Dog, maybe Birra del Borgo now or in the near future...), but these usually don't stay long, as the word spreads quickly when they're some good stuff in stock. Well, it should sell less quickly now I live abroad! There also are tastings on some Saturdays. I really like the fact that the owner tries to establish a really exciting beer place in Paris, as it appears it's the only capital city in the world to have almost nothing interesting to offer as far as beer goes. But on the other hand, his rare stuff is often overpriced, and he doesn't even sell some botltes he raves about and displays in the shop, saying it's for "good customers", just when a friend and me just spent about 500-600 EUR in several visit the same month...

              - La Soif du Malt, rue St. Maur has apparently closed a few months ago

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