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Sep 9, 2010 06:06 AM

Where to Buy Great Beer in Paris

My son and his girlfriend are Brown students spending the year in Paris (his senior year and her junior year) and they are looking for a place to buy great beer. They tried Spring Boutique without much success. I would be grateful for suggestions to pass on to them. Many thanks in advance.

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    1. re: tmso

      Many thanks. I sent the link to my son.

    2. They could try one of the "Frog" micro-brewary pubs. There are a few across Paris, they make an English style beer which is interesting and many find it good. All their bars are popular and quite studenty.

      1. Cave a Bulles at 45 Rue Quincampoix just off Blvd Sebastopol in the 3rd specializes in artisanal, yes the word is overused but accurate here, French beer. Big selection of unusual stuff, many available to be tasted.

        1. Visit Brussels. It's only a little over an hour by train. Best place to explore beer!

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            For a big selection of French, Belgian and other brews to take home, there's a store: La Soif du Malt, 77 rue de St Maur, Paris 11eme. Metro Parmentier.

          2. The Bières Demory, an old Parisian brewery, was recently revived. Their products are available in some trendy bars and cafés.

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