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Sep 9, 2010 05:50 AM

Rome - 2 Days in October

I'm going to be in Rome for a very short two days, following a week in Western Sicily. I have put together a draft list of restaurants that I'm interested and am wondering if anyone has thoughts on these. We'll be in Rome on a Saturday and Sunday and it is 6 people (3 couples) that absolutely love food. We want at least one very nice meal, but don't want to break the bank on the others.

Options so far are:

Roscioli (lunch) - How is this place price wise? No prices are on the website, also does anyone know if it's open on Sundays?
Antico Arco - (nice dinner?)
Trattoria Lilli - I can't remember how this made the list... Anyone know if it's open on Sundays for lunch?
Mia Market - It's on my sister in law's list... don't know much about it.
Casa Bleve - Is this super expensive?

Would any of the places above have the very traditional pasta dishes of Rome like carbonara or cacia de pepe?


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  1. I can help you only with

    Antico Forno ROSCIOLI
    Via Dei Giubbonari, 21

    Phone 06 6875287 booking advised!
    Price around 50 Euro

    Personally I am not enthusiastic about it but consider I am 100% Italian and very demanding as far as food is concerned ;-)


    1. "Would any of the places above have the very traditional pasta dishes of Rome like carbonara or cacia de pepe? "

      Out of all the places you list, I've only been to Casa Bleve and if I had to categorize it as being inexpensive or expensive, I would go with the latter. But...If you want traditional Roman food, try La Campana. Delizioso!

      1. Re Mia Market i think you must mean the place in Monti that Katie Parla writes about here. maybe she will drop in and comment further

        Roscioli is not open on Sunday. La Campana is, and it offers traditional as well as updated dishes. It would be a nice place for a group of six adults and it decidely is a good place for Sunday lunch; we greatly enjoyed it in early November last year..

        If you search this board for each of the other names you will find some commentary on them.

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          I second La Campana although I was there on a Sunday evening last time in Rome and probably head back there in November when I am next there...and I loved the communal table (I think) near the entrace that seemed filled with the "dames d'un certain age" who were obviously regulars and come in to meet there was good, waiters were lovely - so what more does one want...

        2. You might wish to do a search of this website with the word "carbonara". Our own MFant had a good judgement when I asked about carbonara back on 09 Jan 2010.

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          1. re: Sid Cundiff

            In 2006 I had splendid carbonara for my pasta course in Testaccio at Da Oio a Casa Mia, Via Galvani 43-45, and the coratella (lamb's organs in a stew) for my meat course. The carbonara is more eggy and peppery than I've found elsewhere.

            Yet as MFant suggests, Carbonara is prepared differently though out Rome, and for different tastes.

          2. *Roscioli is not open sundays. 6 people can eat and drink very well (ordering many antipasti -which are not your usual ones here- and sharing is a great way to try the best they have to offer and keep costs down - and they have one of the best wine lists around, with very very reasonable prices) for under 50 euros. When we are only in 2, we have to go above 50 to enjoy ourselves, but 6 makes life easy. Definitely make a reservation!

            *Antico Arco is a great dinner option - fine dining but not too fine/stiff, with modernized Roman dishes.

            *Ditirambo gets mixed reviews. I wasn't there recently. Have heard good things lately about its fish and antipasti from some foodie Italian friends. Nice wines, too.

            *Trattoria Lilli is a nice, simple Roman trattoria. On Sundays open only for lunch.

            *Mia Market is a nice organic shop with some simple buffet style (but good) food at lunch time. The 6 of you would not be able to sit together and have lunch, though, there are just some chairs/seats scattered around.

            *Casa Bleve is expensive, but worth it. I think here you would be more looking towards 100 euros.

            Carbonara and cacio e pepe (notice spelling) are offered at Roscioli (though I wouldn't want to pay their high price for these dishes - they are better at other things - see above. A Roman chef I know says they make the best Amatriciana but I don't agree.); sometimes Antico Arco, always at Ditirambo and Trattoria Lilli. I personally, given these choices, would eat carbonara or cacio e pepe at Trattoria Lilli - not because they make the absolute best version (which is open to discussion anyways), but because that is the most classical/traditional place of the bunch. Outside of these places, I like the traditional Roman pastas at Checchino, da Felice, Danilo and La Campana.

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              Cacio e pepe is a signature dish at Ditirambo. Their grappa selection is superb. Ask for their grilled octopus (off menu), not the skewer stuff. I go there every year.

              1. re: steve h.

                I was there over 6 months ago (so many restaurants so little time, even living here) and didn't have the cacio e pepe then. Seeing also the mixed reviews, was hesitant to recommend it explicitly. Their grappe are really good (even have a vertical!)(we have the same supplier, so I know their selection very good), but I guess that is hardly a reason to choose a restaurant for the majority of diners ;)

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                  Grappa is Italy's gift to mankind.