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Sep 9, 2010 04:35 AM

Gyro Palace-West Hartford, CT YUM!

I checked out Gyro Palace in WH Center last night with two hungry friends. Thank goodness we were hungry because the gyros are pretty HUGE! First let me say how happy I am that there is a gyro joint in my town. While we do have the excellent Tapas restaurant in town too Gyro Palace makes a better gyro IMHO. (Tapas doesn't get the meat right)
The meat: it's on a spinning spit and looks fabulous. I got a beef gyro because that's more my thing. The meat was lean and fairly moist and it had a couple of chunks of crispy bits in it (which I loved). You can dress up your gyro with shredded lettuce, olives, onions, tomatoes, hummus and tzatziki sauce. I got mine with all of the above sans hummus. I actually asked the guy to give me less meat after seeing my friends holding their huge orders. The amount of meat I got was PERFECT. I thought the pita that they used was quite delicious.
I also tried the chicken one as well and while it was a little dry, I didn't mind it (I'm weird about chicken anyway so to me drier is better). We ordered a side of rice too and I loved it however I couldn't finish it.

The menu has lots of other good looking stuff such as falafel (which looked more like fritters to me), a Cuban panini, buffalo chicken panini, pulled pork....basically there seems to be something for everyone.

It's located where Lemongrass used to be (two doors down from Ben & Jerry’s) and I found the place bright and clean with comfy chairs and nice tables. The staff was very nice and enthusiastic and I will definitely go back again.

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  1. Can't wait to try this, both for gyros and panini--thanks for letting us know! Nice report, masha bousha. And good riddance to Lemongrass as well! :)

    1. I have the exact opposite opinion of this place. I was very psyched of a potentially "authentic" gyro joint close by. Sorry to say the search continues. Not only are these not real gyros (I used to live in Chicago, so I know gyros), but the employees even refer to them as "jeye-roes", the common mispronunciation (they are correctly pronounced either "gear-roes" or "year-roes" depending on who you ask).
      The quality of the ingredients at Gyro Palace seemed solid (albeit pricey), but what they call a gryro is really more like a steak sandwich on a pita gyro-style. The traditional greek gyro seasonings are not present, nor is the lamb (probably the main issue). I have never had Shawarma, but maybe this is more like that.
      Just a warning to anyone who whows what a real gyro is and is expecting one. I will probably go back here to try the Cuban. Akropolis Deli in West Hartford has a decent gyro which comes pretty close to authentic, if on the smallish side and with a tzatziki a little heavy on the garlic.

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      1. re: MacshashRIP

        I haven't been but your review certainly tamps my expectations. The only decent gyro in the area I've had is at Tangiers, but they just grill up the pre-sliced stuff.

        1. re: Uncledave

          At least Gyro Palace assembles the meat on the spit instead of buying a preformed blob. I also prefer lamb and get it at DDs Gyros on Temple St in downtown Hartford in the space that was occupied by Roscoe's Big Dog at one time.

        2. re: MacshashRIP

          Thanks for clarifying, Mr. Bill (!). ;) I don't know if you ever had a gyro in the Richardson Mall in Hartford, but THEY made fantastic gyros...yes, and pronounced as you explained, too...I don't know where that little counter went, but I used to get there frequently when I worked was as good as the ones in Waterbury at the Greek fest!!!

          If anyone knows the place I mean and where they might have gone, please speak up. Thanks!

          1. re: kattyeyes

            I have to agree with Macsha, While i enjoyed the sandwich it was not at all what I was expecting. Not only was there no lamb but the seasonings were also missing. Take it for what it is ....; a good sandwich, but not a great gyro! I am also not that impressed with the ones at Tangiers either. I am still looking and hoping but till then I will continue to head to Astoria Ny for a fix.

            1. re: askeenan

              Had Gyros in Astoria 2 weeks ago at Opa Opa Opa, we all were in Chow Heaven.