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Sep 9, 2010 04:30 AM

Las Vegas Wedding October 2011 Restaurant (Help)

Hi Everyone.

Myself and my finance are from the UK and are getting married in Vegas next October.

We have about 20-30 people attending and need some help re: restaurants as we know there are sooo many to choose from.

We are looking for a lovely steak houses/Intalian's (not fancy food) And ideally looking for more casual dining options.

We are looking for a private dining rooms but something which is casual and but quite vibrant & funky (something really informal) light music in the background and not too secluded!

Hopefully that makes sense and not asking for too much!

If you have any ideas that could help me I would be grateful. Thanks :0)

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  1. You may have trouble finding a private dining room for this many people. The ones I have been in are better suited for 10 or so. If you want recommendations for less people, let us know.

    1. A couple of places to consider : Rao's, at Caeser's, is a traditional Italian restaurant that has good food, and I would suspect could accomodate a group. Also consider ENVY, which is a steakhouse on paradise, (not on the strip); I've seen weddings there and it seems like a reasonable choice. I'd also look at BOA in the Forum Shops; they have some outdoor space that would be nice that time of year.

      1. The original comment has been removed