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Reasonably Priced Place Near Place Vendome?

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We are at the end of a two week trip. A friend bought me two nights at the Ritz which is WAY out of our league. I usually stay in less pricing environs. We need to find something not too far away where we can get simple bistro/brasserie fare that is for the chic or the tourists.

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  1. You might like the close by Bistro Volnay on Rue Volney.

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      Strongly endorse Volnay over l'Absinthe.
      l'Ardoise is also not far.

    2. I like very much "l'Absinthe," place du marché St Honoré
      24, Place du Marché Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris Tél.: 01 49 26 90 04
      Fine food on one of the most beautiful place of Paris

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        Add in Le Rubis, L'Castiglione and the many spots on or around Mont Thabor, all well covered in prior posts.