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Sep 9, 2010 12:07 AM

Genoa - Genuine Genovese Cuisine in Center City?

We are doing a day trip to Genoa and are looking for a place to have lunch that is genuine to the region and not touristy.

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  1. "Da Gaia" Vico dell'Argento.
    Genuine, yes.
    Not touristy... what do you mean?
    For sure they do not serve spaghetti American style.
    It is very popular among the locals :-)


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    1. re: Irene65

      Grazi Irene.

      By not touristy mean for locals.

      1. re: deI

        You are welcome, Del.
        I was joking. It is exactly because they are for locals that this kind of restaurants became touristy.

      2. re: Irene65

        Trattorie Da Maria on Vico Testadoro, 14, head down Via 25 Aprile from the opera house and its one of the lanes on the right hand side. Authentic, local and cheap, but expect to share a table unless you are a party. Maria is there in person, and last time I ate there it was what it was billed as. Slow Food has it listed and so did NY Times for that matter.