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Sep 8, 2010 11:14 PM


Hello everyone. I will be traveling to Paris in 2 weeks for fun. I want to eat at some amazing restaurants. I will be dining alone. My first though is to shot for the stars 3 of them. I have 4 days. So far Tallivent dinner, Ledoyen dinner, L'Arpege lunch(Cause dinner is to much $), L' Atlier dinner, and Bristol lunch. Pierre I could only get lunch on the same day as L'Arpege. Alain Ducasse, I have ate at in Monte Carlo. Guy, they have one in Vegas, also L'Atlier from Robuchon. Ambroise, Meurice, & Astrance couldn't get into.

I also recently watched Bourdains Paris episode. So I am thinking of trying a couple of those places as well.

I also would like a recommendation on a good market. Also the best Italian restaurant in town.

Or any other foodie recommendations while I am there. I don't drink either.

Thank you so much for any help or suggestions.

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  1. Dude, it's your first time on the board too? Foodie recommendations is all there is, so I'll have to send you to the "do a quick search" office.

    I don't think Guy Savoy in Vegas measures up to Savoy in Paris, based on reports I read (haven't been to Vegas, ever).

    Other advice is: don't overdo it. Even the best food in the world is not that good when you're already stuffed and not hungry at all and are actually craving a bowl of broth, a walk in the park and a good night's sleep. In that same spirit, if you have an intense eating schedule, you probably want to severaly limit your carbs, especially bread, and wine, if you want to enjoy all your experiences. Take it from an experienced ogre, sorry foodie: it's not the fat that does you in, it's the wine and the carbs.

    Best Italian restaurant is Paste e Basta, in the middle of 13th arrdt Chinatown, strangely. Wonderful wines and pasta, which is what I just told you to avoid, but hey... (insert platitude).

    Also in contradiction with my former advice is the exploration of bakeries and pastry shops -- check out my Google maps from

    Cheese shops are also a must -- just ask them what to buy. Dubois, Alléosse, Cantin, Quatrehomme, Barthélémy, even Androuet are the stars in that business.

    I don't endorse lunch at Bristol- I think it's very inferior to their regular, expensive food (which you can get for lunch of course, I was just assuming that you would go for their lunch menu).

    Why Taillevent if you're focused on three stars?

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      I know I am way long overdue for this Chowhound stuff. I cancelled Tallivent for the first night. I am going to go to Frenchie on Anthony bourdains dhow or Le Crocette. I did feel like I am overdueing the big dinners. I was wondering about lunch at bristol. I am still going to go to dinner at Ledoyen. I am going to still go to lunch at L'Arpege, cause the lunch tasting menu is suppposed to be 8 courses for 130, versus 350.

      As for the cheese shops, if I run into some on my excursions fine. I won't be buying any cause I am travelling to the Greek Islands from Paris.

      I will try your recommendation for Italian food.

      I don't drink alcohol, and have good will power for carbs. So I'll live through this.

      I have another question though. Gratuity is included in the tasting menu prices? Do I tip additional on top?

      1. re: jkaz313

        15% service is included in all prices, by law. Tipping is therefore never necessary.

      2. re: souphie

        Oh yeah what is the best method to map out all of my stops? Is there a google map, or should I just write it down on a paper map?

        1. re: jkaz313

          Make your own Google maps, it's pretty easy.

      3. As to markets, I'm not sure what you mean, don't know your "in Paris" days or hotel/apartment location. So, I'll wing it.

        We like the Monoprix stores, which are most everywhere. They have a surprising select of good and interesting foods.

        We also like to walk down Montorgueil and rue Cler and graze from the shops.

        If you mean open or closed markets, here's a directory of where and when. ..

        Be more specific about where you will stay and we'll tell you which markets are "musts."

        And, have fun!!!

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          I am staying close to the Champs.