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Sep 8, 2010 10:48 PM

Actual saskatoon berries?

Where can I get these if even possible, I was thinking about trying crossroads.. I went to kingsland FM last week and had some excellent Taber corn(mmoooaar!). There was some jams and things with the berries but nothing fresh... I have a craving that connects from the taber corn to my grandmas people there to picking saskatoon berries with grandma as a child. Food noshtalgia ;)

edit: oops Calgary

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  1. I bought a litre-sized bag for $10 at the Hillhurst Farmer's Market about 2 weeks ago.
    They were from
    However, their website says their U-pick season is over so maybe it is too late in the season?

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      awww there are only frozen ones now. Probably gotta catch em next year then!

      1. re: crigg

        Yes, there season starts late July and runs to about mid August depending on the year, it is a pretty short season.

        1. re: cleopatra999

          If you don't mind buying frozen...check with Pearsons Berry Farm at the CFM. They make pies and jams and might be willing to sell the berries.

    2. Next year try picking them yourself - they are all over the Douglas Fir Trail above Edworthy Park!

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        I agree with asiandelight. I picked an ice-cream pail full from that area in August, but it was not a good year for them as I usually pick a few pails full and make pies in the winter. I do know that Co-op had fresh berries a few weeks ago, 3 or 4 bucks for a tiny little clamshell. Not sure if they still have them .

      2. The Saskatoon Farm just 10mins or so south of Calgary has U-pick as well as frozen berries by the pint-gallon all year round. They have all things saskatoon as well as bison, fresh and frozen.