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Sep 8, 2010 09:59 PM

Imitation eggs are bleh!! What will make them better but not take much time?

So the title asks the question. My doctor says my cholesterol is getting too high so I need to control, among other things, the number of eggs I eat. I generally only have 6 to 9 per week anyway, but the medical advice is to limit to TWO. So off to the market I go and buy Eggbeaters. I much prefer sunnyside up eggs to scrambled, but...... OK...... I'm willing to do this for my health. I actually do like scrambled real eggs. But these Eggbeaters just have no taste to me. Besides, salt & pepper, or a whole bunch of onions, peppers ,etc........... what do you guys find makes these things palatable???? I tried Eggbeaters because my recollection was that they taste better than Better'nEggs. Other thoughts welcome.

I just noticed that Eggbeaters makes some flavored varieties............. the cheese and chives sounds interesting. Any comments on these or others?

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  1. Have you tried using one whole egg to two whites? That makes much better scrambled eggs than Egg Beaters, to me.

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      That could be the answer, but I'm thinking I'd rather enjoy my allowed two eggs 'straight up'.

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        Yeah, I understand that. The only way I've made egg beaters taste okay is with a lot of cheese which completely defeated the purpose.

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          I'm with you---I don't like the prepared products at all. I do like a bunch of egg whites (say, 5) plus one egg yolk whisked together with a little salt, pepper, and onion powder. Cook gently over low heat in some melted margarine. I think the onion powder is really key for upping the flavor in a subtle way.

          Try it and see what you think!

    2. Sounds as though you are missing the flavor from the fat in the yolk. How do you flavor the whites of regular eggs? Ever eat the whites separate from the yolk?

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        I don't eat plain egg whites. Never really have because it always seemed like a waste of money to me. I'll give it a try and see if the taste is better than the imitation eggs.

      2. I am of the opinion that I'd rather eat less of something good than more of something mediocre, and it sort of sounds like you're getting there, too. Having said that, my husband used to eat some sort of flavored Eggbeaters -- southwestern vegetable or something like that -- and they didn't look too awful, but it sort of seems like you could throw some onions, tomatoes and peppers into a pan with the plain version and get basically the same thing.

        1. If you HAVE to use Eggbeaters, then I would use condiments like salsa or tobasco, which to me always seem to make bad eggs taste palatable.

          1. I'm really struggling here. I tried them, this morning, with some sauteed onions, red peppers, and a little dried oregano (in addition to salt & pepper. Better............. but still really lacks that 'egg' thing.