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Imitation eggs are bleh!! What will make them better but not take much time?

So the title asks the question. My doctor says my cholesterol is getting too high so I need to control, among other things, the number of eggs I eat. I generally only have 6 to 9 per week anyway, but the medical advice is to limit to TWO. So off to the market I go and buy Eggbeaters. I much prefer sunnyside up eggs to scrambled, but...... OK...... I'm willing to do this for my health. I actually do like scrambled real eggs. But these Eggbeaters just have no taste to me. Besides, salt & pepper, or a whole bunch of onions, peppers ,etc........... what do you guys find makes these things palatable???? I tried Eggbeaters because my recollection was that they taste better than Better'nEggs. Other thoughts welcome.

I just noticed that Eggbeaters makes some flavored varieties............. the cheese and chives sounds interesting. Any comments on these or others?

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  1. Have you tried using one whole egg to two whites? That makes much better scrambled eggs than Egg Beaters, to me.

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      That could be the answer, but I'm thinking I'd rather enjoy my allowed two eggs 'straight up'.

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        Yeah, I understand that. The only way I've made egg beaters taste okay is with a lot of cheese which completely defeated the purpose.

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          I'm with you---I don't like the prepared products at all. I do like a bunch of egg whites (say, 5) plus one egg yolk whisked together with a little salt, pepper, and onion powder. Cook gently over low heat in some melted margarine. I think the onion powder is really key for upping the flavor in a subtle way.

          Try it and see what you think!

    2. Sounds as though you are missing the flavor from the fat in the yolk. How do you flavor the whites of regular eggs? Ever eat the whites separate from the yolk?

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        I don't eat plain egg whites. Never really have because it always seemed like a waste of money to me. I'll give it a try and see if the taste is better than the imitation eggs.

      2. I am of the opinion that I'd rather eat less of something good than more of something mediocre, and it sort of sounds like you're getting there, too. Having said that, my husband used to eat some sort of flavored Eggbeaters -- southwestern vegetable or something like that -- and they didn't look too awful, but it sort of seems like you could throw some onions, tomatoes and peppers into a pan with the plain version and get basically the same thing.

        1. If you HAVE to use Eggbeaters, then I would use condiments like salsa or tobasco, which to me always seem to make bad eggs taste palatable.

          1. I'm really struggling here. I tried them, this morning, with some sauteed onions, red peppers, and a little dried oregano (in addition to salt & pepper. Better............. but still really lacks that 'egg' thing.

            1. I've used Eggbeaters with success in things like quiche or other custardy sorts of applications where the egg is mostly binder. Would a frittata work for you -- lots of veggies, Eggbeaters, seasonings, maybe a tiny bit of strong cheese?

              1. Well, they're not "imitation" or "fake" eggs - they are actually made from real eggs, just "de-yolked," therefore lower cholesterol and lower fat. Then they add in the vitamins that were lost by removing the yolk.

                Hungry Girl actually swears by EggBeaters/ReddiEgg/etc. They usually throw them in the microwave for what they call Egg Mugs, but you can just as easily cook them up in a pan if you're microwave-averse. This page links to a bunch of them: http://hungry-girl.com/askhg/askhgdet...

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                  Hungry Girl also swears by Fiber One cereal, Fat Free Cool Whip and fat free cheese, so i tend to take her opinions/recommendations with a grain (or ten) of salt ;)

                  having said that, the egg substitutes are fine for some, but the flavor and consistency can be unsatisfying to someone who's really accustomed to always eating the yolk.

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                    I've found Hungry Girl followers tend more to be into filling up than eating real food that tastes good. Fat free, sugar free pudding? I'll pass.

                    1. re: chowser

                      Yeah, the recipes and the extreme use (and promotion) of prepared foods are fairly disgusting.

                2. Midlife,

                  Obviously I am not your doctor, but generally our HDL/LDL levels are not affected by dietary cholesterol but rather saturated fats.

                  Just something to consider and maybe discuss with your doctor (or maybe you already have ...).

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                    I really should ask my doctor about this but my own research says to limit to two yolks a week, and the Mayo Clinic site corroborates the strict limit on egg yolks for cholesterol control. I know my doc would probably tell me I could add a few eggs if I lost a bunch of weight and exercised more. We're about to see just how much I like eggs! ;o)

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                      Yeah, and sometimes cholesterol issues are hereditary (and only partially influenced by diet).

                      Do I hear a call for ... sunny-side up eggs with a side of Zocor??!!

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                        ipse is right about the cholesterol vs sat fat issue and the matter of genetics, and even the Mayo Clinic has relented a little - you can have one yolk every few days if you're really careful about limiting your cholesterol intake from other sources. but since i'm also not your doctor, i'll leave it at that.

                        if you're really determined to give up the yolks, try whisking in some Dijon mustard...and start turning to other foods for breakfast ;)

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                        I am very much in ipsedixit's court on this one. I got the "if you weren't so young I'd send you out the door with a statin Rx" talk a few years ago. Well, my Mom has a happy flock of the healthiest chickens, fed a diet of veggie scraps, whole grains, garden-chucked snails, etc. I am given at least a dozen eggs a week. I love eggs all ways, and have felt particularly smug during the egg recall. After trying to cut back to the "2 a week" thing, and even trying to eat the whites only (dogs got the yolks), I said, "Nevermind." (well, what I said was more colorful) and went back to my egg-loving ways. I love my soft-boileds on the weekends, huevos rancheros on holidays, microwave-scrambled egg burrito work breakfasts. I still eat only about 5 per week (rest go to my hubster and kid), but reducing SatFat was more effective than giving up the Gems of the Nest in changing the HDL/LDL ratio to a healthier level. I decided there are other things I'd rather give up than eggs.

                      3. This might be too far out BUT I don't suppose you want to try a tofu "egg" scramble? It doesn't taste like imitation eggs, but it doesn't taste like eggs either. I put in veggies, turmeric, and Tabasco or salsa.

                        My other suggestion would be to scramble 3 eggs whites with 1/2 a yolk or some ratio. It might help with the texture.

                        1. Get a new doctor.

                          Barring that, eat your eggs, just eat fewer of them- stick with the 2 or 3 and don't compromise with that egg beater crap.

                          You could also compromise and mix 1 regular egg in with 1 eggbeater.

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                            Actually, my doctor didn't specific fewer eggs. I know my original post makes it sound that way, but I found that in some material my wife has collected because she has been on cholesterol meds for years. I'm just trying to be pro-active on this and found the egg substitutes to be a very trying experience. I'm still working on this.

                          2. Isn't Eggbeaters just egg whites with yellow food coloring? Just use regular egg whites. If making scrambled, use one yolk and two whites to minimize the total "eggs" you eat.

                            1. Cooks Illustrated did an Egg Beater test - the winning product was Egg Beaters Original, and they said it came closest to tasting like the real deal. Which Eggbeaters were you using?

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                              1. I agree that 'real' egg whites out of the shell is probably better way to go. That being said, when i make eggs for people who eat eggbeaters, I usually chop sundried tomatoes that have been preserved in oil with sweet onion and saute before adding it to the egg mixture. This seems to produce a fairly nice result.

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                                  M-m-m-m-m! Sounds good. May try that with the EggBeaters too.