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Sep 8, 2010 09:57 PM

Picnic at the Hollywood Bowl

Taking mom, dad & boyfriend to the Hollywood Bowl for mom's birthday. I love cooking and planning picnics and am super excited to do this one up fancy evening picnic style.

I have a few things planned and am looking for maybe one more big food item (though I could be talked into two).

I know I am making buttermilk farro salad
I haven't tried it yet, but I have all the ingredients and it sounds awesome.

other items in consideration
A loaf of fresh bay cities bread (of course bread + farro is a lot of carbs...


I'm thinking grapes & cubed watermelon for fruit

and some cheese (mom just discovered Humboldt fog & I have some dairy fresh veggie gouda I just picked up)

We've got brownies for dessert

Any other suggestions? We can always use the bread to make sandwiches - but I was trying to think of something else that will travel well. I have an insulated picnic set to keep things warm/ cold

I have a ton of veggies from the garden at my disposal - summer squash, cucumber, green beans

I'll have a half day on Friday to prepare.


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  1. How about taking that loaf of bread and making a pan bagnat? Kind of like a nicoise salad as a sandwich. Best part is that it gets better the longer it sits. Here's a recipe I've used before.

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    1. re: soypower

      Wow! That looks awesome! Dad doesn't like capers and olives - but I sure do. I think I will do something different this time - but will keep that recipe for a picnic with someone who would be excited about that feast.

    2. Are you trying to avoid meat? If not, I'd say that is what is missing----maybe do some kind of chicken satay or buy some salami & other sausage to go with the cheese/bread. I always take cold roasted shrimp to the bowl with either a cilantro or pesto dipping sauce. As far as your garden veggies, why not grill them the night before & serve on a platter with vinagrette & some grated pecorino? I love Hollywood Bowl picnics.

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      1. I like Ina's Roasted Salmon Nicoise Salad. It's easy to transport and compose at the site. Also, everything can be made in advance, and chilled. Here's the link to the video:

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          Okay, my father is not a picky eater - I promise! There are three things that he doesn't like salmon (unless it's sashimi), olives (capers are tolerated but not preferred) and meat loaf. I didn't think I would have to specify since that's a pretty limited "don't like" list..

          I on the other hand, will add this salmon recipe to my to do list as well. I don't know about the whole platter, but watching the sauce go on the salmon was making me drool. I'm loving all these ideas!

        2. Wine!

          Are you going to see Pink Martini? Best show ever.

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          1. re: callmijane

            Lol... lots of wine. Yes Pink Martini. I'm very excited. I've seen them twice before and love them. My mom wanted to go for her birthday - I wasn't going to object!