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Sep 8, 2010 09:06 PM

Groceries near Osterville?

We will be renting a house for a week in Osterville (end of Sept) and looking for recommendations on a grocery -- someplace to get good quality coffee, wine, cheese, breakfast food, crackers, etc. (organic will be a plus for the group). I think I have the farmers markets scoped out... and it sounds like there is no shortage of places to get fish, but welcome any inputs!

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  1. Fancy's Market in the center of town is a great little local market that will have what you seek. It's not cheap, but quaint and high quality. For your standard supemarket, there is a Stop & Shop on rte28 in Cotuit that is nearby.

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    1. Visit the Cotuit Fresh Market on Main Street, local concessions, terrific scones, cooked meals, fresh ingredient pizza (not every day), cranberry products by Karen Esposito, beer & fine wines, links: and Fancy Market is across the street from Wimpy's Restaurant, ccg is right, different ownership over the years has kept the reputation for top quality especially with meats.

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        Sounds good... can't wait to leave.

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          I would also guide you toward the Centerville Pie Co. where all on display may interest you, link: — and, Bush Gardens, 192 West Barnstable Road, Osterville for organic, locally grown vegetables and sweet delicious corn. Once past Bush Garden go to the set of lights, right turn on Rt. 28 toward Hyannis to the Centerville traffic light at Old Stage Road and the turn to Craigville Beach, go straight to first driveway right turn for the Pie Co.

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            Check out the comment on another board by Curlz, the last entry on this thread. He/She just finished a stay in your neighborhood of interest:

      2. Where are the local farmers markets? Heading there this summer.

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          Well, you're thinking ahead! LOL, and as it soothes my mind to think of summer's farmer's markets, here's a good link: Osterville and Hyannis, are closest.

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            Thanks. Vacation closer now!
            Will have my three kids (8,6,3).
            What are the good spots for lunch and dinner in Osterville or nearby (with the three kids)?

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              Wimpy's is right in Osterville proper and is a good family spot with simple American and local fare. Open for lunch or dinner. Sweet Tomatoes is also in the village and puts out good very thin crust pizza and sub sandwiches. The pizza doesn't travel well though, so be sure to eat there. Hyannis is only a 10 minute ride away and Mashpee 20 minutes or so, so do a search on both.

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                  Good mention AGM. And I should say that my rec for Sweet Tomatoes is for the pizza as I've never had a sandwich there.

                  Sweet Tomatoes
                  421 E Falmouth Hwy, East Falmouth, MA 02536

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                    If by chance a babysitter appears at our door, what's the nicest (best food) spot for mom and dad? Will drive 20 minutes (probably not much more).

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                      Regatta Cotuit. Nothing else in the area even comes close. Ignore dated reviews that talk about it going downhill. It's been under new ownership with a new head chef since two, maybe three years ago. Elegant and delicious in an antique Captain's home setting.


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                        Thank you so much. I'm sure I'll have more questions soon. Can't wait for my little Cape Cod getaway.

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                          I'll vigorously recommend Fancy's for sandwiches, and, if your lucky, cupcakes!

                          I'll add Alberto's in Hyannis as an alternative to the Cotuit Regatta.

                          Craigville Pizza & Mexican, just east of Craigville Beach, is a good, decidedly casual, family spot.

                          Craigville Pizza & Mexican
                          618 Craigville Beach Rd, Centerville, MA 02632

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                            +1 on Fancy's sandwiches.

                            Alberto's is my absolute favorite Italian-American on the mid-Cape, but Regatta really is in an entirely different league food -wise. Few local places can live up to it's standard in my opinion.

                            Not a huge fan of Craigville myself. To each his own I guess. I'd stick with Wimpy's in Osterville for family casual.

          2. Agree with the Fancy's recommendation. It's pricey, but the most convenient to the village, and they have a decent wine and cheese selection. In addition to the Stop & Shop on Route 28, there's also a Star Market on West Main Street in Hyannis.

            The Regatta certainly gets the best reviews, and my parents love it, but my husband and I felt like we were the only ones there who were not my parents' age. The food was excellent, but the atmosphere was lacking any pizazz. Personally, I really like Five Bays Bistro right in Osterville. Alberto's, as someone else mentioned, is also consistently good. The Road House in Hyannis has a neat atmosphere (jazz some nights), but the food quality is inconsistent.

            Don't miss taking the kids to Four Seas Ice Cream in Centerville (about a 5 or 10-minute drive). It's the best ice cream on the Cape! Don't let the line out the door intimidate you; it moves pretty fast.

            Four Seas Ice Cream
            360 S Main St, Centerville, MA 02632

            Five Bays Bistro
            825 Main St, Osterville, MA 02655

            Road House
            1140 Ocean St, Marshfield, MA 02050

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              5 Bays is a good mention as a nice option right in Osterville village. When did you do the Regatta? I certainly wouldn't classify it as a "blue hair" destination. I also enjoy the atmosphere which is comprised of an antique Captain's home, white linens, professional service, and a superior kitchen.

              Not a fan of 4 Seas...too sweet and little slivers instead of chunks in many flavors like pistachio, chocolate almond, choco chip and the like. I MUCH prefer Sundae School or The Smuggler, but both are in Dennis.