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Sep 8, 2010 07:02 PM

What kind of squash is this?


I bought this at a roadside farm stand (unmanned, so I couldn't ask). It's quite large, maybe 10-12 inches. Same color as a regular yellow summer squash, but hard like a winter squash. It's bumpy, too. I picked up three for a buck. is it a winter squash, or a summer one that's gone over the deep end? I couldn't find any online like it.


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  1. yellow squash can be smooth or bumpy; I grew bumpy squash last summer. Yours looks like yellow squash and if it's hard, it was on the vine too long and is tough.

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      I agree on the diagnosis. Peel off the hard skin with a paring knife, then make thin lengthwise ribbons using a vegetable peeler. If they are not too tough, marinate them with other salad ingredients. If they are very tough, steam them first, then marinate. Or stirfry the ribbons with garlic, herbs, soy.

    2. They may also be "mistake," caused by cross-pollination between a regular yellow squash and something else. I've had something like that happen before. Perfectly edible. Just treat like any other yellow squash.

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          Thanks all!

          The closest picture on the glossary is the crookneck, but it has a straight neck. I guess they're bumpy yellow squash past their prime. I'll try one of the cooking methods listed, maybe a stir fry. I guess before I was thinking I could bake them like a winter squash.

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            Ive found that sometimes when they're past their prime, they're not good for cooking at all. It seems that they take on the same texture on the inside like a gourd. Hope that's not the case for you but it's been my experience.