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Sep 8, 2010 06:54 PM

Cookies from the 80s???

I'm trying to find some cookies from my husband's childhood that he talks about ALL the time! I'm pretty sure they don't make them any more, but I think just knowing that someone else remembers them would be great at this point. They were made by Nabisco (or Keebler). They were two hard cookies with creme (similar to oreos) that were vanilla cookies with vanilla creme or chocolate with chocolate. He says the cookie had a pattern on them and came in a light blue package if that gives any hints. Oh, and they are not cameos. Thanks so much!!!

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  1. That would be Hydrox. Pretty sure they aren't made anymore.

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    1. re: geg5150

      I don't think that's them. My husband says that these were vanilla on vanilla or chocolate on chocolate, and that the bag they came in was baby blue.

      1. re: jnb336

        I know exactly the package of cookies he's referring to. They also came in peanut butter as well. Baby Blue bag that folded on the end. Great friggin cookie! They need to be re-released.

    2. probably Keebler chocolate creme and vanilla creme sandwich cookies...they were discontinued a long time ago. i LOVED them! there was just something about that fake chocolaty cream filling with the chocolate cookies.

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          Safeway private label cookies called Tuxedos, taste just like Hydrox used to. Hydrox was the original and Oreos came along later. Hydrox were always better than Oreos. Too bad they had such a stupid name.

      1. My money was on Famous Amos but I'm not sure those are discontinued.

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          I thought I'd seen them in highway rest stop vending machines recently. (for some reason, that seems to be the place I always rediscover snack food I haven't seen in 15 years) and a google confirms Famous Amos is still around.

          1. re: beachmouse

            I definitely had a thing for those cookies. I don't think I've seen them in a while but I haven't been looking; now I will definitely check my local supermarket to see if I spot them ;)

            eta: I seem to remember one that was lemony but I didn't care for those at all. Can't remember the brand on that one.
            You're right, I think the ones I mentioned are definitely around (just checked) and the lemony ones belong to Keebler as ghg mentioned (also discontinued). They had vanilla, chocolate fudge and the lemon cream.

            1. re: lilgi

              Keebler Opera Cremes? i *loved* those. came in a package of half chocolate sandwich cookies with chocolate cream filling, and half vanilla cookies with lemon cream filling.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                OOh, maybe that's what I was thinking of, but I thought that the keebler sandwich cookies that you mentioned were sold as separate flavors. Yes the lemon was definitely a more "gourmet" flavored ghg ;D

          2. re: lilgi

            i wonder if the Famous Amos sandwich cookies were only available in certain regions, or if they were introduced much later...because i grew up eating the chocolate chip & double chocolate chip varieties but never even knew they made sandwich cookies!

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              Ditto me, ghg: I was just staggered to know there was a packaged sandwich cookie out there I didn't know about......which is probably better, in the long run. : )

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                That's why I wanted to mention those because I do remember them well, but I think you're right on the money in that they are most probably not widely avalable.

            2. I think there used to be some fudge sandwich cookies -- lighter in color and a bit less crisp than oreos. There was a vanilla version as well. Maybe Keebler or Sunshine (is that the other brand?)
              They had a simpler design than Oreos or Hydrox.

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              1. re: librarinan

                Hydrox were awesome! They made them for a few months a couple of years ago as a throwback. Newman's Own Sandwich cookies are a good copy of Hydrox.

              2. i have been searching for this as well, and it's neither the hydrox or the opera.
                assuming youre thinking of what i am, it was not a sandwich cookie, but an actual chocolate chip cookie with a chocolate creme filling, bavarian donut style. the cookie seemed liek a standard issue crunchy chocolate chip until you bit into it. i would give anythign to bite into one of these again. i'm pretty sure it was keebler.

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                1. re: mickeygfunk

                  as soon as i left that comment i found them.
                  keebler magic middles

                  1. re: mickeygfunk

                    Oooo! I remeber eating those as a kid! Wow - I forgot all about them, but now I'm craving them... Thanks a lot!