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Sep 8, 2010 05:52 PM

Indian food in London

A friend told me there are some great Indian places around London, even something nicknamed "curry street"? Suggestions are appreciated, I will be all over the city doing the touristy things but my friend lives in Kent.

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  1. London....Curry, yes lots of good curry Brick Lane is the "curry Street", Easy tube stop, good curry buffet. The area also has a saturday/sunday market with a wide rang of ethnic food carts and stalls. Go hungry so you can feast..Tube stop is Aldgate East.

    Also a good Curry place in Earls Court..Actually an excellent variety of ethnic foods around Earls Court..As a friend explained, The united Nations bus stopped at earls court and everyone got off and opened a restaurant -- or a food store and a cleaner and laundry

    1. do a search jocks - there is a lot of detailed discussion on these boards about indian food in london, which will point you in many directions!

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      1. re: abby d

        "A lot of detailed discussion" is kind of my problem right now....

        Just arrived in London from San Francisco, know very little about regional differences in Indian food, and have been tasked with finding "awesome Indian food" by my boss (as foodie as a non-foodie can be: he loves to eat)

        We will be working until dinner, are on a spending account and have been traveling around the UK (N.I.) eating, no offense, bland food to our dismay. Tonight will be our reward for hard trip.

        Can anyone help?

        We are near Old Street and City Road and can take a taxi.

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          quilon is an indian place that's quite fancy but still v tasty? it's in westminster tho...

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            If I was in the Old St area, I would go to either Needos, Tayyabs or the Cafe Spice Namaste. There is some disagreement on this board about Tayyabs, but I think it is very much better than the vast majority of "curry houses" in Britain. Needos is similar (the chef/owner used to work at Tayyabs) but gets better reviews, and sounds like it isn't as crowded. Both of them are Pakistani/Northwest Indian restaurants, and they are close to each other - a short taxi ride or 20/30 minute walk from Old St. I haven't been to Cafe Spice Namaste, but it looks good and gets good reports. It's a bit further away, but still pretty near. None of these are smart in any way if that matters.

        2. Ditto - read the boards, there ae endless discussions on this. And if you want decent Indian or Pakistani food, avoid Brick Lane ...

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          1. re: Theresa

            Thanks for your kind and temperate words of warning about brick lane, I shall forward it to the Indian family that took me to dinner there straightaway..

            1. re: penche

              lol penche are you saying that the food must have been good because an indian family took you there?? once some americans took me to mcdonalds - definite proof that mcdonalds is the best place to get american food

            2. re: Theresa

              Agreed - avoid Brick Lane, tourist trap and not great at all. Nearby though there are some good places - Tayaabs, Needoo etc. As Abby d points out, there are endless threads on this topic.

            3. I think since your choices in London are huge, maybe it would help to know if you're looking for high end, a bit fancy of a restaurant, middle of the road etc. There's just so much to choose from. You've already been told about Brick Lane but maybe your friends had a favorite there.

              1. IMLI - Indian tapas in soho district