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Sep 8, 2010 05:21 PM

Best caterer on the East End of LI?

I'm getting married in October of 2011 and looking for the ultimate foodie fall wedding. Any caterer recommendations on Long Island, specifically the East End?

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  1. Giorgio's in Baiting Hollow would be my pick. I'm always impressed when I go there.

    1. Talk to North Fork Table and Inn in Cutchogue and see if they cater. Absolutely the best food on the East End

      1. Are you getting married on the North Fork or South Fork of the East End of LI?

        1. Gotpork, sounds like we're looking for something similar. We're planning a wedding in September 2011 on the N Fork but are considering caterers in the N and S Forks as well as based out of Manhattan.

          Some we've heard good things about, but would love additional reviews on:
          - Art of Eating
          - Creative Edge
          - Callahan (may be too precious)
          - Acqualina

          1. Jamesport Country Kitchen

            Jamesport Country Kitchen
            Main Rd, Jamesport, NY 11947