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Sep 8, 2010 05:08 PM

What are your favorites at Rangoon?

Taking out of town guests to Rangoon for dinner and wonder what your favorites are there.

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  1. Thousand-layer bread
    firecracker lentil fritters
    Rangoon house noodle

    1. Coincidentally, I am going to Rangoon this weekend and started searching the boards for recs. I found this thread from the old PA board that should help you out:

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        1. re: Buckethead

          Yes, once, and I liked it. But going with a vegetarian this time so wanted to brush up on that aspect of the menu and try some different things.

          I had the thousand layer bread and lentil fritters and second your recommendations of both.

          1. re: barryg

            DEFinitely the firecracker lentil fritters.

            also, do not miss the dessert that is coconut milk, tapiocas, and other sweet & white jelly things. delicious.

            1. re: rabidog

              I'm partial to the tea leaf salad.

              1. re: Seeker19104

                My partner and I are vegetarian, and we always order the thousand layer bread and the firecracker lentil fritters. I always get the jungle tofu for my entree. Good stuff.

      1. All of it.

        Lately, though, I've really enjoyed the Basil chicken (and the Basil noodles), the jungle chicken, the coconut galanga soup, and the Ginger salad.

        1. It's going to sound pedestrian, but their Kung Pao tofu is awesome. They get a nice caramelization on the tofu.

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          1. re: jaba

            All the kung pao dishes are great. It's not exactly the same as Chinese kung pao. I love the kung pao shrimp.

            Other things I love: spring ginger salad, festival fish noodle soup, night market noodles; ribs.

          2. Spring Ginger Salad, Glass Noodle and Potato Salad, Spicy Squid Salad, Chicken Keema

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            1. re: thehungrything

              Oh yeah, the spicy squid salad is great, as is the burmese tofu salad.