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Sep 8, 2010 05:03 PM

Hubster needs advice for solo dining (casual) in Charleston,SC

The dear husband is going to Charleston on business next week. He'll be staying @ the Doubletree Suites in the historic distric and will have a car, but would love to find walking-distance places, if possible. He's looking for good food and good beer. Eating at or in the bar is good, since he'll be solo. He likes all cuisines, but would prefer good, local food, including seafood, low-country cuisine, etc. I can give him a list of the finer dining places in Charleston, but on my last trip, wound up in some awful places, thanks to travelling companions' choices. I'd like to steer him towards a couple of good places.

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  1. High Cotton is fine dining but dining at the bar alone is casual. Magnolia's would be fun. Southend Brewery would be fun for cold drinks and good bar food. Charleston Beer Works has a great happ hour.

    High Cotton Maverick Bar and Grill @ 199 East Bay St., Charleston, SC. 843 - 724 - 3815.
    Magnolia's @ 185 E Bay St., Charleston, SC. 843 - 577 - 7771.
    Southend Brewery & Smokehouse @ 161 East Bay St., Charleston, SC. 843 - 853 - 4677.
    Charleston Beerworks @ 468 King Street, Charleston, SC 843 - 577 - 5885.

    1. When I'm out of town alone, I just eat at the same places I would eat w/ company. I'm not shy, and there's more room to spread out the WSJ at a table. That said, You can eat at the bar at Hank's, I'm pretty sure you can eat at the bar at Fig (I would eat in the ladies room if they made me at Fig), and there's a nice 4 person counter overlooking the kitchen at Cru Cafe that would totally keep a person entertained. I have eaten at the bar at McCrady's, but that was a LONG time ago so I'm not sure you still can. McCrady's is not casual, but the other 3 I mentioned could conceivably be called casual. All those are in the historic district.

      I'm not too sure about beer. This is the menu w/ beers listed at Fig :
      http://www.eatatfig.com/assets/pdf/me... I thought I remembered my Dad having a local beer earlier this summer...maybe they have the locals on a rotating sched or something.

      McCrady's Restaurant
      2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

      1. Danna has some good choices, they are also on my list. I've eaten at the bar at FIG so that's not a problem, and neither is eating at the bar at McCrady's, although they may have a special bar menu. You should also be able to find local beers on tap at both FIG and McCrady's. Cru doesn't have a bar, but they do have a counter that overlooks the kitchen. Cru also has a community table if your husband would enjoy that sort of thing, and so does Hank's. The only other restaurant I would add is SNOB. I'm not sure about eating at the bar, but like Cru they do have a counter that overlooks the kitchen.

        McCrady's Restaurant
        2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

        1. Thanks y'all! I SO wish I could go with him on this trip, but I've used up all my leave time. :-(
          I was trying to remember High Cotton! The last time I was in Charleston, a group of us really enjoyed noshing off their bar menu.

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            There are a couple of fabulous places on Upper King too. This area is slightly off the beaten tourist path. We loved Closed for Business-very cool atmosphere, casual, classic southern fare with an uppity flare, and a fantastic craft beer menu. This place is a must, great for solo dining. Also try the bar at Rue de Jean, gorgeous French bistro food that all the locals love. The food is really good, and the atmosphere the definition of convivial. And get your hubby to bring you back some classic French macaroons from the Macaroon Boutique.

            Closed for Business

            Rue de Jean

            Macaroon Boutique

          2. DH has decided he really wants to go to McCradys. What would be appropriate attire? Will he be okay in nice khakis and a sport shirt? He'll probably try to eat in the bar, if they serve their $39 Market Menu there.

            McCrady's Restaurant
            2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

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              Okay in nice khakis and a sport shirt................