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Sep 8, 2010 04:04 PM

Nando's Chicken NE YYC

After reading a review on a local blog, (AYGET?) thought I'd give Nando's Chicken a try. It's a chain and such. Sounded good, so why not?

One orders at the till and then sits down with a wooden number to identify your table.

In short, the chicken was pretty good, marinated, grilled and as advertised so to speak. But, the state of the restaurant was horrendous. Just filthy.

Floors were dirty, glasses were dirty, tables were untended and dirty, no towels in the grubby washroom. Had to polish the cutlery, you get the idea. A crowd of kids were at the bar, apparently working there, or hanging out there, not sure what.

Maybe because of the subdued colour scheme, It crept in on me while I was waiting and looking around, and then eating! Amazing. This joint would not have passed a health inspection. My dining companion and I pretty much ran for it at the conclusion.


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  1. That's terrible! I've been there three or four times but the tables have always been full so I didn't notice anything out of order in terms of cleanliness. Very unfortunate. Hope they notice this and clean things up.

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    1. re: alau2

      For sure.

      Your review was really spot on, but in the interim the place has taken on what I call the "look of neglect."

      Popularity and a staff of unsupervised kids can bring it on in a hurry.

      As the saying (well, sort of a saying,) goes; "If that's what you can see up front, just imagine the back of the house."

    2. This place is opening up at the end of September. Sounds similar to Nando's.

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      1. re: worldwidestuff

        Do they have peri-peri? can't tell from the website.

        1. re: nonlinear

          I did not ask. The renos are still in full swing.

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            The menu says that their flame grilled chicken comes in mild and medium so they are not emphasizing peri-peri or they not call it spicy or hot at Nando's?

            I have only been to the Nando's in Victoria, BC close to the Johnson Street bridge and it was quite good...I have not seen a location here in Edmonton. I do enjoy their barbequed chicken especially when supplemented by their brand of extra-hot peri-peri.

            Think I know what I will be cooking for lunch if the weather continues to be nice............

          1. re: crigg

            ...which if made right, are delicious.