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Sep 8, 2010 03:38 PM

Three nights in Chatham, MA in Sept 2010

I will be traveling to the Chatham Bars Inn in late Sept for a meeting. I have been looking at the discussions about the area and have a few questions.
It sounds like 28 Atlantic is an amazing place, though noted to be expensive. There aren't any prices listed on their on line menu. Can someone please let me know a price range (roughly) and if it's worth it?
Other places that I've read about and think we'll try: Marathon Seafood (I love a good fried clam), Chatham Pier Fish Market.
Also, thoughts about Impudent Oyster or Cape Sea Grill? Any place else I shouldn't miss?

Impudent Oyster
15 Chatham Bars Ave, Chatham, MA 02633

Chatham Bars Inn
297 Shore Road, Chatham, MA 02633

Marathon Seafood Restaurant
231 Main St, West Dennis, MA 02670

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  1. I have thoughts....

    Cape Sea Grill is really good although my taste seems to be developing beyond their range of flavors....Things there tend to be too sweet.

    There is another thing as well. The crowd is old and starchy and spontaneous fun is an unlikely to break out there as at your annual meeting with your accountant:)

    The Oyster is nice. Never my favorite for food per se, but my peeps tell me that this year the food was actually great.

    I like Pisces on 28 for a genuine, unaffected food experience in a fun, small room with a chef who really cares and accomplishes much. Order the mussles appetizer with the tomato, garlic and chorizo. Really nice.

    Stick with the spirits. Try a Tanqueray and tonic. That'll relax you out and maybe even cause you to forget exactly how much your spending to stay at the Chatham Bars:)

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      Yes, I love Marathon in West Dennis for fried seafood. 28 Atlantic prices are maybe mid-30s for entrees, if I remember correctly. They have good apps too, and I usually get 2 apps, no entree. It's worth it: the food is great, service too, and it's a gorgeous property. Go while it's still light out so you can see the view. I really like the Impudent Oyster. It has a huge menu with a great selection of seafood and non-seafood. I also recommend Cape Sea Grille. Sharkie is right about the ambience being kinda staid, but it's not like eating at a retirement community! Great food, nice place.

      What about L'Alouette on 28 in Harwich? I also like Abba in Orleans: innovative cuisine ( a middle eastern bent). Also Mahoney's in Orleans.

      Cape Sea Grille
      31 Sea St, Harwich Port, MA 02646

      Impudent Oyster
      15 Chatham Bars Ave, Chatham, MA 02633

      1. re: ciclista

        Thanks for the information about the pricing. That's not too bad for the rave reviews the restaurant is getting. I don't mind shelling out for great food but do like to know what I'm getting myself into beforehand and also want to know that it's worth it.
        Thanks for the other suggestions. I'll look at menus on line.

      2. re: shark_attack

        Ditto Pisces.
        Went for my first time last month and it was one of my best Cape meals ever. Had grilled bass over corn risotto. Every element was cooked and seasoned perfectly. My wife doesn't even eat seafood and she thought it was one of her best meals ever on the Cape. She had the roast chicken (and I stole quite a few bites) and I have to say it was very tender, very juicy, and very flavorful. Not a cheap place - - - and some will say the service is hit or miss depending on who you get - - - but definitely worth it.

      3. Thanks for the suggestions. We enjoyed some very good meals on the Cape. On our way to Chatham from the airport, we stopped at Marathon seafood for fried clams and oysters. They serve up an enormous mound of fried food on a paper plate. Delicious and reasonably priced. Part of the fun is the family who owns it, who welcomed us like we were old friends. The next day we made an unexpected trip to Nantucket. We got sandwiches from Something Natural for a picnic. Easy to stop there on our way to the bike trail and the sandwiches were good. That night we had dinner back on the cape at Pisces, which we loved. The atmosphere was great and we had a fantastic server. My husband and I wound up ordering two apps each and splitting a salad which was more than enough food. We particularly enjoyed the scallops with corn and bacon and the mussels with chorizo. My only criticism was that the peach on the summer salad wasn't very ripe, and they probably should have used another fruit, but overall a great experience. I would highly recommend. We had lunch the next day at the Chatham Pier. We split a lobster roll, which was delicious. The following evening we went to 28 Atlantic. The food there also was excellent, though maybe a little inconsistent. My scallops with mushroom ravioli was amazing; my husband's flounder was good, but not great nor particularly creative. Unfortunately, it was very foggy, which obscured the view, but the atmosphere was good. Service was also very attentive.
        Thanks to all for their suggestions. I feel like we made good use of our dining opportunities on the Cape thanks to you!

        Something Natural
        50 Cliff Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554