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Sep 8, 2010 03:18 PM

Best place for deli meats--MSP?

I have a hard time trying to find some decent roast beef, turkey, and other cold cuts. Cub is horrible. Rainbow is so-so. The boar's head stuff they sell at byerly's-lunds is somewhat okay. But there's got to be something better out there, for the price. Where do you guys get yours?

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  1. Be'Wiched provides it wares off-sale. Prices will be about double that of the grocers, but it's an excellent example of getting what you pay for. You can always try out a sandwich and see if it's worth it to you.

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      I checked out Be'wiched when I was getting some soup today. I never knew they sold their meats, breads, cheeses, and sauces separately. 1/2 pound of meat is $7 but that's okay if it's good. They didn't have regular turkey, only smoked. I hate smoked turkey.

    2. I go to Clancey's in Linden Hills--it's the same fresh-sliced meat they use for their sandwiches. I've also heard very good things about the Wedge's deli meats (the fresh-sliced, not the pre-packaged), but have never tried it.

      1. Broder's, Cossetta's, Cecil's, France 44 Deli or St. Paul Cheese Shop, or Surdyk's Cheese Shop might have what you're seeking.

        Boar's Head Turkey-Pastrami is better than most of the run-of-the-mill grocery deli-counter turkey to my taste.

        1. Buon Giorno in Lillydale is my favorite for high quality at a reasonable price. Never been disappointed by anything I've had there. I would go to Surdyk's more often for deli meats (also top notch), but it's not as close to me as Buon Giorno is. You can also try the Seward co-op on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis. They have a phenomenal meat counter - one of the best in the area. Their sausages and other charcuterie are excellent, but I haven't tried their deli meats. In my experience, the folks at BG, Surdyk's, and Seward co-op have allways been very nice, no snooty attitude like at some other purveyors of meats.

          You can also try Delmonico's in NE Minneapolis (1112 Summer Street Northeast). It's a small mom-and-pop style Italian shop. They might not have everything you need, but the stuff there is good quality at a reasonable price. And the guys that work there are a riot. The place is worth a visit.

          If you're looking for high end stuff, I can tell you about a shop in Philly that does mail order of some of the best charcuterie around.

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            Wow, I totally forgot about Buon Giorno! They've got a terrific deli counter. It's a shame that the Surdyk's operation at the airport is behind the security lines. That's at least close to the Buon Giorno area.

          2. Keep an eye open for Mike Phillips' new venture (formerly the executive chef at Craftsman).


            It's not up and running yet, but I can't WAIT until it is. This guy seriously knows charcuterie.

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              Fishman's fancier roast turkey is quite good- they have a cheaper variety and a house-roasted type- get the more pricey one. I have tried Clancey's turkey and found it rather bland and dry despite the hype.

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                Nice. It looks like it's a ways off though with that retail outlet. But I could dig a nice charcuterie. Nothing too expensive, but appropriately priced for good quality.

                1. re: alpa chino

                  Phillips' offerings probably won't be cheap. From what I've heard, he spends HOURS on just a few pounds of charcuterie.