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Sep 8, 2010 03:04 PM

Boston Butt/Pork Shoulder for Fresh Sausage in South Shore burbs?

I'm occasionally in Boston/Cambridge and I wouldn't mind picking some up there on an errand, but I do most of my shopping at suburban farmers markets and the supermarkets available to me here... Roche Brothers, Whole Foods, Shaws, S&S, BJs, Costco. I have yet to find Pork Shoulder at any of these locations. Any suggestions????

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  1. I am surprised you are not finding it at BJ's. The two BJ locations that I frequent (Waltham and Stoneham) almost always have it. You might want to speak to the meat manager at your local BJ's and see if he/she can get one for you if they do not regularly stock them.

    If you find yourself traveling near a Market Basket (yes, I know, they do not do the South Shore), they always have boneless Boston Butt.

    1. I know for a fact that you can get it in the south shore at least the pork shoulders.

      I pick them up when I make pernil. I've gotten them at Trucchi's in Abington, Stop & Shop in Whitman & Braintree. If you don't mind the trek, I know Price Rite in Brockton has them all the time too.

      1. Johnathan, the butcher is your friend! I can tell by the Roche reference that you probably live near Marshfield. Butt/Shoulder is not a very desirable cut for the average shopper, especially around here. Making sausage around here is akin to making a Spacecraft. Any butcher at any local bitchery (sp), including Roche Bro should happily get you a butt/shoulder. S&S, Shaws, Hanford (Kingston), Foodies (Dux) or Roche can order it with a days notice. A short drive from you for a more personal experience I'd recommend (unfortunatly Marsfield lacks butchers) Previte's in Weymouth, Tedeschi's in Norwell (no relation anymore). Butt.....(pun intended) two old school butchers in Plymouth that would be thrilled to help, especially if they knew your intent, would be Piantedosi's on Court St., or Al at Perry's Market just a block away.

        I'm more shocked you found intestines!!

        Remember, butchers are always gruff at first so engage them with you enthusiasm.

        1. If they don't stock it, which most do, ANY supermarket with a few days notice will order pork shoulder for you. Keep in mind it is (depending on which part of the shoulder) also called pork butt, Boston Butt, Pork Shoulder, Pork Picnic, etc. Seriously I am astonished that you can't find it at any of the above.

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            FYI, butt is *not* shoulder even though technically it is there...butchers call the arm part the "shoulder". Shoulder is quite a bit more chewy...char siu (chinese BBQ pork) is best made w/ the butt :-)

            1. re: Spike

              Here is a good breakout of cuts. Any of these would be good for sausage...


          2. Brockton Whlesale Provision is on Route 27 just over the Abington line.
            Sausages to order, all manner of pork and beef done beautifully.
            Lithuanian Kielbasa is a specialty.
            Good luck.