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Sep 12, 2005 08:23 PM

Leaf in Culver City

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In follow up to the "Vegetarian in Culver City" thread from last week:

I had lunch at Leaf last week with a small group. It was good for this genre of restaurant. Everything was fresh, and the portions seemed larger than you might expect at this kind of place. The atmosphere was rather spartan, and all of the employees were young, hip, healthy looking types.

Mostly the choices are wraps and salads. I had a 3-way sampler ($7.95) of a "bedouin burrito" (hummus-based), "flying falafel" (made with dehydrated, instead of fried, croquettes of falafel and tahini), and "wakame wonder" (seaeed in a sesame ginger dressing). They also have a few soups and a big drink selection. My lunch companions all seemed to like the place.

I don't think this is the place that will convert meat lovers into vegetarians, but if you are open to eating natural food, Leaf is good.

11938 west washington blvd., los angeles, ca 90066

The prior "Vegetarian in Culver City" thread:


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  1. I LOVE this place. I've sampled raw vegetarian cuisine at other restaurants, but after my first meal at Leaf, I couldn't stop going back. I think I've been there a dozen times now. It's actually quite tasty. FYI, I'm not a vegetarian, but this I'll eat any day.

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      Food is pretty tasty at Leaf.... but their cuisine is nutritionally all wrong... if you were really a veggie that depended on a place like this... you would become deficient in essential amino acids & a whole slew of vitamins & minerals.

    2. Three of us ate there last night. I had a bit of fear because I had found Juliano's Raw in Santa Monica to be lacking and overpriced, but I was pleasantly surprised by Leaf.

      Our guacamole had a nice flavor and was served with little seedy "crackers" that weren't bad.

      We all got wraps - one flying falafel in a collard leaf wrap that my sweetie pronounced quite good. I got the Mediterranean one with a walnut croquette, and it had a nice tangy dressing.

      I had a young coconut to drink, which I always like - drink the water and then you get to scoop out the soft flesh.

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      1. re: Snackish

        The only downside was the service - you order at the counter and get your own silverware, so it would seem hard to screw up, but when we came in the counter person glanced at us, didn't say anything and promptly disappeared. Another counter person came over, glanced at us, didn't say anything and began staring fixedly at her computer screen, only looking up, annoyed, when we asked a question. Then she took an order from two people and rang it up, leaving me standing there, though we were plainly together.

        Wouldn't a simple, "Hello," or "Welcome" have been nice?

        1. re: Snackish

          funny, i had the same experience when i went there, and felt like such an idiot because i almost went to sit down in confusion before the girl behind the counter called, "you order up here". but now i realize it's probably because i'm used to being GREETED or at least eye-contacted by the person at the front desk if that's where you order.

          but... it's a casual place and the food's interesting, so i don't hold it against them.

          1. re: amandine

            Yeah, I will still go back. I will just file it under "good help is hard to find these days."