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Sep 8, 2010 02:23 PM

raleigh to outer banks (kill devil hills) where do i go eat

taking my first trip to outer banks leaving from raleigh. Would love some hole i wall places to eat on the way down as wellas some polaces to eat in kill devill hill area

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  1. 1. Blackbeard's BBQ and C-Food, Conetoe. Great wood-cooked barbecue, excellent sides, and other stuff. Take the Chinquapin Road exit from 64 to Alt-64, then turn right, it'll be on the left about a tenth of a mile down. Thu-Sun only, Sunday hours are limited- 11am-3pm IIRC.

    2. Family Favorites, Robersonville. Great fried chicken.

    3. Sunnyside Oyster Bar, Williamston. Opens this Friday, supper only.

    4. Little Man, Plymouth. Good burgers/fries, excellent breakfast biscuits.

    1. Stopped at Little Man in Plymouth last week, based on recommendations from chowhound. It was TERRIBLE. The burger was a frozen, mass-produced chunk o' mystery meat exactly like the burgers from your high school cafeteria. French fries were ok. Breakfast might be good, but do not stop here for a burger.

      Little Man
      170 US Highway 64 W, Plymouth, NC 27962