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Sep 8, 2010 02:20 PM

Saturday lunch in Richmond?

I only have one elective meal in Richmond this coming weekend and it's Saturday lunch. Many of the places I'd like to try are open for dinner only, or if they serve lunch it's M-F only which doesn't help me.

Any suggestions? I'd like someplace that uses local ingredients, if possible.

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  1. black sheep, millies, or lulus (all likely brunch-y)

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    1. re: AMFM

      These are the three that came to my mind as well. I would also add CanCan to the list.

    2. I read somewhere (not the website apparently as I can't find it there) that Secco has a mid-day deal (like 1-4pm) where you can order 3 small plates for a nominal fee. Dang, I wish I could find where I had read that. It would be worth a call over there to find out though.

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      1. re: hopkid

        I don't know if that deal is available on Saturday or during the week only, but I've heard about it too. I haven't been to Amour wine bistro yet, but it's another spot that specializes in local food/wine pairings and it does a brunch.

        Also, for something simple and delicious, think about Sprout, a new restaurant where everything is made in VA. I had an amazing eggplant BLT for lunch there.

        Mezzanine is also open for lunch. Although not made with local, I also love lunch/brunch at Kuba Kuba. It's delicious!

        Kuba Kuba
        1601 Park Ave, Richmond, VA 23220