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chopped liver in/around providence?

was checking out some rosh hashana menus elswhere (i am not jewish) and it reminded me how i've been wanting to try chopped liver for some time. any suggestions or favorites? maybe someplace makes it special for the holiday?

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  1. I purchased some at Whole Foods in Cranston last year and it was not bad.

      1. If you cant find any places other than Whole Foods. I worked with a Kosher Chef and We made it all the time if your interested I can email you the recipe.

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          just back from whole foods..success! it's a bit strong compared to pate but i'm glad i got to try it. it is not something i would care attempt at home cause i hate the smell of chicken fat! tanks frank!

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            I understand Sara, The WF stuff is ok they have trouble seasoning a lot of their products. they have some nice looking prepared food but seasoning seems to be a problem. The Chicken Fat thing is strong but I will make some in school tomorrow see all you had to say is you had some success today so I will make a couple of pounds. One of my favorite sandwichs at Pastrimi and Chopped Liver. Ciao

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              Whole foods does not use chicken fat in their chopped liver. Usually canola oil and carmelized onions and egg. not traditional, not bad. But real chopped liver is something else entirely.

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                i guess i'm just gonna have to go to NYC!

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                  The best in NY is a Deli in the Village called Katz"s Deli.
                  Super Bling Chopped Liver Actually I use a combo of Foie Gras Fat and Duck Fat instead of Chicken fat super creamy flavor.

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                    I must ask, but where does one buy both duck and foie gras fat? And what's the rest of the recipe?

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                      d'artagnan, if you're ordering from home. we get duck fat from newport specialty at the restaurant, i'm not sure if they sell to the public. google d'artagnan, they have amazing (albeit pricey) products.

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                        Very simple,
                        Go to the web site sidwainer.com
                        They have a great gourmet store in New bedford. For the duck just purchase a duck, remove the fat and render it down. For the Foie gras, he sells foie gras chunks which are great for making pate. Just render it out and it freezes well. As far as the recipe I can email it to you. Caution, going to Wainers gourmet shop leave the credit card home. you will go nuts there plus they have some nice tastings of products.

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                          Been to Sid Wainers many times, but thanks for the tip. How about posting that recipe here in the home cooking board?

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                            Hi Cape,

                            I will in a day ok dam busy but didnt want you to think I would blow you off