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Sep 8, 2010 01:52 PM

World Street Kitchen

Since I work from home, I haven't really been tuned into the food truck scene. That has changed. Sameh Wadi now has a food truck on 5th and Nicollet. Given the high quality of Saffron's happy hour bites, I know he can fit big flavor into food truck prices.

Menu is here:

Has anyone partook?

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  1. I went yesterday after reading this post. Saed was out in front of the truck talking to the passers by, and Sameh was in the truck cooking. Pretty cool menu, true to the website. I had a lamb taco, which was braised shoulder, which had a ton of flavor, and the curry chicken banh mi, which consisted of the traditional line-up of jalapeno, carrot, cucumber, mayo, and cilantro. The star here was a really nicely spiced pulled chicken with a dry yellow curry rub. Insanely good. Mexican coke to wash it down, I was in a good place. Yesterday was day 2, they said the did about 100 people, but hadn't run out of anything even though I was there at 1. They are parked right behind the light rail at 5th and nicollet. Fantastic.

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      Good review and thanks for posting a picture, its always nice to see what someone is reviewing. Also, best s/n ever.

    2. Hi

      That World Street Kitchen looks cool we have here yet. You can even follow them in twitter and facebook. The menu price are alright too.

      Jane W

      1. Shoot - I was just there on Friday afternoon! I'm back there next week so I'll try and track it down. Thanks, man.

        1. Just went there for lunch and had a great meal! My friend and I shared a pressed lamb torta - with refried beans, queso fresco, and wondeful slices of lamb - and an asian bowl loaded with goodness, the perfect combination of cooked and raw veggies for crunch, plus a fried egg on top and a spicy sauce to jazz it all up. Rick Nelson and Claude Peck were there too, great sunny day for Truck food =)

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            I just read Dara's rave writeup about WSK and sadly she said they might only go through mid Oct. so, not much time left...

          2. Anyone been there recently? Looks like they have permanent digs now:

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