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Sep 8, 2010 01:48 PM

Chinese wooden cake molds

Has anyone used chinese wooden cake molds before? I am looking to make chinese cakes like mooncakes, ang ku kueh, etc. I have purchased one, but I have never used this. Do I need to prepare it in some way before I use it? How would I care for this? I am assuming warm soapy water to wash and then dry completely before storing. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

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  1. That would be my guess, but I am not sure.

    Do you know how to make mooncakes? Do you want to make a post on it?

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      Haha, knew you'd be the first to respond, CK! No doubt you'll be able to find the answer too if no one else figures this out.

      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        I am a novice at chinese cakes, mooncakes, etc. I have made ang ku kueh (red tortoise cakes) before with much success- I just haven't used the pretty molds which actually give it the "tortoise" shape. Traditionally they are red and are filled with mung bean paste or peanuts/castor sugar and are covered with a thin covering of either rice flour pastry or yam pastry.

        My family is from Malaysia and we absolutely revere Nonya cuisine (the Peranakan or descendants of the Chinese who immigrated to Malaysia 300-400 years ago). The Nonya are famous for their kueh or cakes in all kinds of shapes, colors, and tastes. Here is a picture of ang ku kueh. These are also eaten traditionally in Taiwan. The second picture is a sampling of the many different type of kueh in Malaysia.

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          Is that what those things are called? "Ang ku kueh"? I am very sure I had them before. The red ones and the rainbow color ones. I want to learn to make mooncake, but I heard it is very hard. Please keep us posted in your progress.