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What to do with Cheerios

I had a coupon for a free box of Cheerios and coupon for a free box of my local store brand of Oaty O's (same thing, different name.)

I really don't eat much cereal and now I have a ton of O's in my house and I'm wondering if anyone has some interesting recipe ideas for the cereal. I would never have bought them but I can't pass up a freebie! I guess I could feed them to the birds/ducks but I'd rather find something useful. Aside from grinding them up and using them as a breading on something, what else can I do with them?

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  1. Donate them to your local food pantry.

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    1. I made these once
      and they weren't bad at all.
      It will use 6 cups of Cheerios.

      1. mix them with melted chocolae and drop by teaspoonfulls onto wax paper and allow to harden for a quick chocolate treat.

        Add them to your next batch of chex mix.

        mix with nuts, coconut and raisens for a quick trail mix.

        I love them straight out of the bag for a yummy snack or you could flavor them with chili powder, garlic powder etc. by tossing them lightly in butter and your favorite seasoning and toasting them in the oven.

        Cheerios are wonderful...let your imagination go wild!

        1. Pour some melted butter on them. A childhood favorite of mine that was always available at a neighbor's house. Better than popcorn...MMM!!!

          1. Cheerios treats are even better than Rice Krispie treats. Use the standard recipe with marshmallows and butter.

            1. an interesting crouton... mix with melted butter and herbs/seasonings of choice (dried italian seasoning, onion and garlic powders) and powdered parmesan... spread on a baking sheet and bake til toasted.

              1. I like to toss them in a bowl with some dried cranberries and toasted pecans, (or dried apples and peanuts) then coat with melted white chocolate, spread on parchment paper to cool and break into bite size pieces.

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                  So those free cheerios are now going to cost you roughly $10 or more, not to mention the extra calories! I say if you don't enjoy them pass them on.

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                    Of course it's a fantastic idea to donate them to a local food charity, however, the OP was requesting recipes to use them herself. Also, when I make this recipe, I keep a small amount for myself, then divide the rest into jars, boxes or cookie tins and give them away to friends, neighbors, etc.

                2. The last box of Cheerios I bought, I did two things with them:

                  1. Used them as dog training treats, and
                  2. Used them to potty train my son - it's amazing how well a toddler can aim when he's trying to "sink the Cheerios"!

                  That was 20 years ago . . .

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                    That is fantastic Krislady. Would never have considered either. But then again I don't have kids and my dog is training me, not the other way around. What great ideas. And that's why I love Chowhound. Cheers-ios!

                  2. plant em and grow bagels! really!

                    1. Thanks for the suggestions, but since I live alone and don't need to eat an entire pan of marshmallow treats or chocolate/cranberry snacks (yum!) I think I'm going with the food pantry idea.

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                        And you'll feel better for it Jpan99. Good on ya!

                      2. You can grind them up, add your favorite seasonings and use them to bread chicken, chops etc. to bake or fry. A few other ideas are 1) grind them up and use in a muffin recipe (replace part of the flour) and 2) grind & stir into pancake mix, oatmeal when cooking, or add with ingredients for a pie or tart crust.