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Sep 8, 2010 11:41 AM

Need recommendation for Shiva meal (doesn't have to be kosher)

A friend in Chicago lost a family member and I want to send a meal in observance of Shiva. I'm in Maryland, so I have no idea what's in Chicago. I tried their synagogue for advice, but of course they are closed for Rosh Hashanah. The meal would likely be for Saturday evening. Any recommendations appreciated!

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  1. I assume you want to order the dinner to be delivered, correct? What is their approximate geographic location? This is critical, since you want it to be a place that's close by, so your friend is within their delivery range.

    There's a website called that shows you all the restaurants that deliver to a given address; you can look at their menus and place your order online.

    If you can mention an approximate address or a nearby intersection, I can look at Grubhub and tell you which of the places shown there is any good. I can also advise you of any Jewish delis or other types of places that might also deliver, even though they may not be on Grubhub.

    My condolences...

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      Thanks for the lead to grubhub! And thank you for the offer to look there and make recommendations. They live in Lake Forest.

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        That's convenient! Here's why.

        There's a small local chain of high-quality grocery stores in the northern suburbs called Sunset Foods, and they have one in Lake Forest. You'll find a complete catering menu on their website at or you could call them up and ask for suggestions. That's what I would do. There are a couple of advantages of doing that, vs ordering from a restaurant on Grubhub. One is, the catering trays they offer are the kind of thing they could serve to visitors, and would be more appropriate for the variety of needs (the family may need complete meals but not be able to at any given moment, the visitors may want just lighter fare). And hot food from a restaurant is best eaten at that particular moment, and if the immediate family is resting or otherwise busy with shivagoers, it might not arrive at the best time for them.

        Another place in Lake Forest that can prepare (and, probably, deliver) platters of food is Caputo Cheese Market. It's a delicatessen (Italian rather than Jewish) which specializes in cheeses but also can make sandwiches and other light fare. Contact info is at

        There are also some Jewish delis in nearby Highland Park where you can probably order food (sandwiches or platters) to be delivered, although they may be closed for the new year too. One is Max & Benny's ( ) and the other is Max's ( ). I haven't been to either so I can't tell you more than that.

        If you go with Grubhub, I just entered a downtown Lake Forest address and I only see five restaurants, none of which I'm familiar with. So for that reason as well, I think you're better off ordering something over the phone from one of the places noted here.

    2. Your other option is to call Catering by Michaels in Morton Grove ( They do a very nice job with shiva trays and they deliver, which I am not sure that Sunset will do.

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        I guess if it will be at the house all the above suggestions are good. My two cents is that we had a shiva for my Father in April at Maggiano's in Skokie, in Old Orchard. There wasn't a family house nearby that we could hold it at, so we did it there. They have several different size rooms, and a varied menu to choose from. We did pasta, chicken, salad, appetizers, desserts. Tables were set up, it was buffet style, we opted for a bar which was completely unused and they packaged the leftovers. The room was nice, they set up a table for some pictures, and piped in 40s style music. If you are looking for somewhere (not at home), I can recommend this place.

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          >> they deliver, which I am not sure that Sunset will do.

          I am quite certain that Sunset will deliver. They are also much closer geographically; they are right in town, whereas Morton Grove is 20 miles away. But the big advantage of Sunset over a professional caterer is that you can order as little or as much as you like, anything from a single platter to an entire catered dinner.

          A quick introductory call to any or all of these places will tell you what they can do for you, within the constraint of whatever you would like to spend.

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            Michael's always has lots of options that are perfect for a shiva -- trays or baskets of desserts, breads, fruits, veggies, fish, cold cuts, salads, etc. They're always my first go-to place. And I have done Sunset also.

        2. Thank you all for the feedback!!!! I really appreciate it! I no longer feel like a blind mouse trying to get through a maze. :)