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Sep 8, 2010 10:24 AM

Valparaiso Eterno

I had a terrific, huge, and economical lunch special steak sandwhich with green beans, avocado, and other vegetable tidbits, plus a modest portion of fries for $7.43 from this new place at 4906 Fairmont Av Bethesda MD 20814 301-656 2561. the bun was chey and yummy and the meat was meaty. They serve quite a few Chilean specialties as well as Mexican standards. Order Chilean! Anyway, after one dish, seems worth a try, a funky venue, with a friendly yet cantakerous host. If there for lunch, you could skootch next store and browse comics while you weight


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  1. Under current ownership for several years, but with at least two name-changes (Costa Del Sol, Tres Margaritas). I find their food flavorless.