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Sep 8, 2010 09:53 AM

Kicking around some ideas for Oddball "Egg white only" Healthy Devilled Eggs- any thoughts?

Hi Hounds,

I have been working with a nutritionist in an attempt to shed some pounds, and he is having me eat egg white-only hardboiled eggs.

They're pretty gross :P

I was thinking- couldn't you spruce them up somehow in a healthy way- make an almost "devilled egg" without the yolk?

I guess a better title would be yolk free devilled eggs- what would you stuff them with?

I was thinking some sort of tomato salsa, perhaps.... Or something with spinach.

Other ideas from the galley?


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  1. I don't know why but I immediately thought spinach dip would be good. Some sort of healthier version of a spinach dip, but that depends on what your nutrition goals are (low fat, low cal, no cholesterol, etc.). There are millions of spinach dip recipes out there using one or any combo of low fat sour cream, mayo, cottage cheese, using avocado as the binder.

    1. trader Joe's does a pretty good eggwhite salad, flavored with mustard, cider vinegar, s&p, chives, no mayo or other fat IIR.

      I tried making it, ended up nuking (at half power) the whites in a small glass bowl till set, chopped them roughly, then played with the flavoring ingredients as read off the TJ's label. You could vary the spices, say go southwest with a chipoltle mustard and toasted ground cumin, Mediterranean with cumin and a bit of hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, a few toasted pinenuts, etc.

      Let us know what you try out with the whites. I get Whites Only in cartons at TJ's.

      1. Do they HAVE to be hardboiled? You can do alot more with egg-white omelettes or fried egg-whites. Topped with salsa is good. If salt is not an issue, use a chinese-based sauce (soy or hoisin or oyster) to add flavor. You can use various vegetables (onion and red pepper come to mind).

        1. If you think of the egg whites as a base, like a crostini or slice of vegetable, only easier to hold wetter ingredients, the ideas are limitless.

          Hummus, chicken salad, light cream cheese w/ salmon, tatsiki, tuna (like a nicoise), bruschetta--chopped tomatoes, garlic, basil; tabbouleh, bacon (sorry, not healthy but it helps make things taste better), ...

          1. There are tons of possibilities here.

            First off, if you really want that 100% pure eggy flavor, hard boil your eggs, feed the yolks to the squirrels, then put some Egg Beaters in a custard dish and put that in a bain marie (water bath) and bake until the Egg Beaters are really firm. Or scrambling could work too. Then chop them and add fat free mayonnaise and whatever seasonings you standardly use for deviled eggs.

            Or... You can make fillings out of fat free cream cheese. I also make a good cheese substitute using fat free sour cream and dried cheddar cheese powder. Tuna salad is a good filling, and that too can be made with either fat free sour cream or fat free mayonnaise. Chicken salad is good too. I make a chicken salad even non dieters go crazy over by shredding freshly boiled chicken, then adding some orange marmalade, finely chopped celery, fat free sour cream and a handful of pine nuts, with salt and pepper to taste. Mix well and it makes great pumpernickel sandwiches, but also would work well as a filling for your hard boiled egg whites. Caviar (but it's hard to find diet caviar) is also GREAT in egg white cups. So you like peanut butter? Thin it with sour cream and pipe it in, but it's never fat free! Anyway use your imagination. Try some things that may sound strange but could prove to be delicious. You can do that 1/2 egg at a time and if it's bad, the garbage disposal is always hungry! Have fun! '-)