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Kicking around some ideas for Oddball "Egg white only" Healthy Devilled Eggs- any thoughts?

Hi Hounds,

I have been working with a nutritionist in an attempt to shed some pounds, and he is having me eat egg white-only hardboiled eggs.

They're pretty gross :P

I was thinking- couldn't you spruce them up somehow in a healthy way- make an almost "devilled egg" without the yolk?

I guess a better title would be yolk free devilled eggs- what would you stuff them with?

I was thinking some sort of tomato salsa, perhaps.... Or something with spinach.

Other ideas from the galley?


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  1. I don't know why but I immediately thought spinach dip would be good. Some sort of healthier version of a spinach dip, but that depends on what your nutrition goals are (low fat, low cal, no cholesterol, etc.). There are millions of spinach dip recipes out there using one or any combo of low fat sour cream, mayo, cottage cheese, using avocado as the binder.

    1. trader Joe's does a pretty good eggwhite salad, flavored with mustard, cider vinegar, s&p, chives, no mayo or other fat IIR.

      I tried making it, ended up nuking (at half power) the whites in a small glass bowl till set, chopped them roughly, then played with the flavoring ingredients as read off the TJ's label. You could vary the spices, say go southwest with a chipoltle mustard and toasted ground cumin, Mediterranean with cumin and a bit of hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, a few toasted pinenuts, etc.

      Let us know what you try out with the whites. I get Whites Only in cartons at TJ's.

      1. Do they HAVE to be hardboiled? You can do alot more with egg-white omelettes or fried egg-whites. Topped with salsa is good. If salt is not an issue, use a chinese-based sauce (soy or hoisin or oyster) to add flavor. You can use various vegetables (onion and red pepper come to mind).

        1. If you think of the egg whites as a base, like a crostini or slice of vegetable, only easier to hold wetter ingredients, the ideas are limitless.

          Hummus, chicken salad, light cream cheese w/ salmon, tatsiki, tuna (like a nicoise), bruschetta--chopped tomatoes, garlic, basil; tabbouleh, bacon (sorry, not healthy but it helps make things taste better), ...

          1. There are tons of possibilities here.

            First off, if you really want that 100% pure eggy flavor, hard boil your eggs, feed the yolks to the squirrels, then put some Egg Beaters in a custard dish and put that in a bain marie (water bath) and bake until the Egg Beaters are really firm. Or scrambling could work too. Then chop them and add fat free mayonnaise and whatever seasonings you standardly use for deviled eggs.

            Or... You can make fillings out of fat free cream cheese. I also make a good cheese substitute using fat free sour cream and dried cheddar cheese powder. Tuna salad is a good filling, and that too can be made with either fat free sour cream or fat free mayonnaise. Chicken salad is good too. I make a chicken salad even non dieters go crazy over by shredding freshly boiled chicken, then adding some orange marmalade, finely chopped celery, fat free sour cream and a handful of pine nuts, with salt and pepper to taste. Mix well and it makes great pumpernickel sandwiches, but also would work well as a filling for your hard boiled egg whites. Caviar (but it's hard to find diet caviar) is also GREAT in egg white cups. So you like peanut butter? Thin it with sour cream and pipe it in, but it's never fat free! Anyway use your imagination. Try some things that may sound strange but could prove to be delicious. You can do that 1/2 egg at a time and if it's bad, the garbage disposal is always hungry! Have fun! '-)

            1. Eat tofu instead. Tastes about the same - bland, but, saves time and waste. I like tofu stir-fried in teriyaki so I supposed you could mix the latter with cooked egg whites if you must eat them.

              1. Curried rice, with chopped peanuts?

                1. My initial thought was using avocado in place of the egg yolk, but I suppose that kind of defeats the purpose of your attempt to cut calories and/or fat.

                  Having said that, I make a LOT of deviled eggs for family gatherings, but I get bored with the basic recipe and put all sorts of things into them. I had a very good response to one made with roasted red peppers (plus the traditional lite mayo, lemon juice, etc.), and the taste was strong enough that I would think you could easily get away with omitting the yolk.

                  Spinach sounds really good. I think I'll play around with that for Thanksgiving

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                    I like avocado (and it's a good fat right?) I made these (or something like it) and they were very good. This recipe uses the yolk but I see no reason you couldn't leave it out, and use a low fat mayo too.

                  2. Trader Joe's used to sell a spicy ranchero egg white salad that was delicious all on it's own...I've tried deconstructing it, but never seem to come up with the right combination. It had tomatoes, peppers, onions and probably light mayo. You may want to experiment a little and see what you come up with.

                    1. I'd stuff them with hummus, nice flavour, healthy and similar texture to yolks in deviled eggs.

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                        +1 on this idea. Something nice and lemony.

                      2. You could stuff them with chopped roasted beets mixed with dill, lemon juice and red onion. Hard-boiled eggs and borscht go together very well.

                        1. steam some broccoli and cauliflower til really mushy, then puree together with salt, pepper, and herbs if desired. fill egg white boat.

                          some mashed eggplant or ratatouille

                          a little ricotta cheese (skim) if allowed with some chopped herbs

                          or for a sweeter twist, top with a thin slice of cooked sweet potato and sprinkle with cinnamon and fleur de sel.

                          1. A substantial vegetable + something salty would probably go well:

                            Artichoke hearts, zucchini, eggplant, roasted red peppers, beets, etc.
                            Olives, capers, pickles, bacon (I know, I know)...

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                              Julia Child stuffed her deviled eggs with minced peeled asparagus, and saved the spear as a decorative topping, whole. You'd need to find a substitute for the yolk in the filling, or cut the number of yolks. She demonstrated how appealing it looks to pipe the filling into the egg white halves.

                            2. I did something interesting Sunday, I smoked some hard boiled eggs and made deviled eggs out of them. If you are looking for something to spice up the white "boat", everybody liked them.

                              Hardboil the eggs, peel them but leave them whole, expose them to smoke (I threw some woodchips on the grill) for about 10 minutes. They'll turn slightly beige. Then cut them in half. Don't smoke them for a long time or they get tough.

                              You could use silken tofu with a little white bean as a base for the filling, dill, capers, red onion and smoked salmon in the smoked eggs. That'd be healthy and tasty.

                              1. Forgive me for totally not answering your question, but I'd go with a crustless quiche made with mostly whites. You can add pan-fried ham, which only takes a tiny bit of oil, and veggies. The nutrition is just as good, and it tastes much better.

                                1. Here's a recipe with no yolks and only 79 grams of fat for FOUR deviled eggs! http://www.hungry-girl.com/genericpre...

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                                      Seventy Nine...

                                      The number of souvenir shot glasses that she's collected in her travels?

                                  1. I was in Curacao at a litttle downtown place and had "deviled" eggs where the stuffing was tuna, capers and plain yogurt. It was very tasty and I now make them at home. I like eggs in my tuna salad anyway... so I thought this was a GREAT way to load up on protein without a lot of fat.

                                    You can then use the hard cooked egg yolks in place of oil in a homeade salad dressing and will probably still end up better than store bought with all the added sugar.

                                    This also prompts me to think about anything I may put on cracker in a porcelain spoon as an appetizer. Maybe I'll try mashing some white beans with some herbs... or add some mustard and pickle relish... hmmmmm.... I wonder....

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                                      Wow, Sparky, what a good idea. I'm making these for lunch tomorrow! Thanks.

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                                        I'm late in checking back, but I hope you liked them.

                                    2. Tofu salad with turmeric, scallions, garlic, red pepper, rice vinegar, low-fat mayo and celery salt would make a good filling that might even fool some people.

                                      1. I'm not much of a yolk fan so when I feel like a boiled egg white I keep it simple by sprinkling good quality dried curry powder on a few and enjoying them like that or saute some greens and top with ground black pepper. Thinly sliced lox is good on boiled egg whites. But, I agree with the idea that an egg white quick cooked in a pan with other healthy ingredients will be more satifying and interesting meal choices keep your goals on track.

                                        1. Some finely chopped and sauteed mushrooms and onions would make a nice filling for the egg whites.

                                          1. Any kind of "deviled" protein would work --- finely chopped ham, chicken, cold roast beef or tuna, mixed with a big of light mayo or yogurt and dijon mustard and a little/or a lot of horseradish. Or smoked salmon w/ capers and a dollop of Greek yogurt.

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                                              Awesome ideas, everyone! I'm about to try a bunch of them out now. Thank you again, all :)

                                            2. My first thought on a yolkless deviled egg was of Trader Joe's Eggless egge salad. It's absolutely delicious and very flavorful with cellery and onion and mustard. It's tofu based and something like this inside half a boiled egg white sounds fantastic.

                                              1. Not to sound like an ass, but I can't imagine eating eggs without the yolk. I would personally rather have whole eggs in moderation or not eat eggs altogether rather than lose the yolk.