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Sep 8, 2010 07:10 AM

Open Table imitating Groupon?

My wife got a "$25 for $50 at Pier Four" offer today from Open Table.

Was anyone expecting this? Have there been other deals folks have seen through Open Table?

(and please don't make this a Pier Four thread, we've got those)

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  1. yes, I've received a few others from opentable in recent weeks (can't recall exactly where they were to, though).

    1. I bought one to Mantra a week or so ago. It was so much like a Groupon thing, didn't register with me it was Open Table until later.

      1. There is also a company called Eversave. I got a coupon for The Fireplace in Brookline through them.

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          there's also livingsocial and buywithme, as well as Gilt city, which is more upscale and has only a few deals per week.

          1. re: yanz

            Localginger is specfic to the North Shore

            1. re: yanz

              Looks to me like livingsocial is tied up with Facebook and given the charges a few months back re Facebook selling member data, I would think twice about giving credit card info to participate in their deals.

            2. re: CookieLee

              Wow, I'd never heard of Eversave, but they've definitely heard of Groupon. Xerox couldn't have provided a more identical copy.

              But if no patent violations are taking place I think competition is good, so thanks for pointing it out.

              After all not all Groupons are for food so with the knockoff..I mean, competing sites out there, we have more opportunities as chowhounds to save money, so it's all good!