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Sep 8, 2010 04:42 AM

New melbourne places?

Hi all,

What are some of the up and coming Melbourne places?

I went to The Estelle in Northcote with high hopes and was pretty disappointed. The food was a bit bland and for some reason a few dishes seemed overcooked to the point of charring?!?! No idea what that was about..

Any suggestions of where to send me next??


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  1. If you want Thai food, I can strongly recommend Paladarr Thai in Alphington. Definitely not bland food. Taxi, I found over-rated for the price. Ciccolini's in Acland Street has a great atmosphere but no bookings which seems to be a trend. Attica is BRILLIANT but we booked a month in advance for their special degustation menu which is better suited to small eaters (which I am) & small pockets too. The chef is first class I hear, very innovative. Enjoy Melbourne's food scene.

    1. Up and coming hmmm? We had a discussion a few weeks ago about this and concluded that there are few new restaurants that aren't preceded by a wave of PR-hype. Its not worth the risk. So you need to be looking at the entry level to find something undiscovered and interesting before the chef does their next big thing.

      What about Huxtable (131 Smith Street) - have been hearing good rumbles. Or, not new but making a bit more of an impact, Boire (also on Smith) - slightly idiosyncratic but good.

      Jorge is new but was an expensive letdown - solid, but not worth the money. Metropolis (Sydney Road, next to Savers) is new and has an established chef (Gabriel Martin) at the helm but don't know anyone who has been, though they finally have a website.

      Whenever I get back from an overseas stint, I head for La Luna and have a cow.

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        I've previously been to Gabrial Martin's place.. the one in Essendon and enjoyed my meal. Might give metropolis a go.. Huxtable?? It's just round the corner from me so I'll stick my head in.

        Thanks all.

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          Which are considered Melbourne's best steak restaurants?

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              Middle Park Hotel and the Station coming up fast in the gastropub stakes - but still pubs

              Vlados has its followers, as does Charcoal Grill on the Hill