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Sep 8, 2010 12:47 AM

What cheese should I use for Chicago style pizza?

I'm going to attempt to make an Uno type pizza Friday night, and am wondering what a good substitute for American type Mozzarella cheese would be here in Northern France (Valanciennes). I feel like Italian Mozerella would be too watery. Any suggestions?

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  1. It's pretty easy to get hold of different types of mozzarella in French supermarkets. You might not want to use buffalo (which is quite hard to find), but the balls of non buffalo mozzarella are in every supermarket and are less watery, and the hard stuff is also available, sometimes in bags, ready-grated.

    1. As l use old gruyere on my pizzas, here l would use either that or older comte, excellent melt, great flavor and the aroma alone will have neighbors knocking on your door.

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        Had some of the best lasagna ever with a lot of gruyere in it while in Brussels.

      2. The Galbani brand is pretty common to large supermarket chains, and makes a variety of mozzarella types. I checked to see what varieties of mozzarella they might list on line. Here are a couple of types, one that is less wet and is recommended for pizzas and lasagnes:
        Mozzarella Cucina Galbani
        and one already grated and also mentioned for pizza:
        Mozzarella râpée Galbani

        As an alternative to mozzarella, the first cheese that comes to mind is provolone, then fontina. I like to mix cheeses in pizzas unless I am making a pizza margherita, so I'd also consider adding some parmigiano, grana padano or romano.