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Sep 7, 2010 11:04 PM

Orchid fried rice @ Pho Orchid


Located not to far from clearview mall across from houston's lies this vietnamese fusion restaurant. I have lived in new orleans for twelve years now, and hands down their orchid fried rice is the absolute best. I get it every time I go there, and when the entire family of four goes, I get two orders. Its contents include:

vietnamese sweet sausage ( this gives an umami feeling to the rice"
scallion sprinked on top.

The portions are huge, and for 10.50 it's a great deal. I'm 6'3 235 and i can't ever finish it in one sitting.
If you love fried rice, you have to try it here. It's not too greasy and it's different from other friend rice dishes i've tasted throughout New orleans.

The only negative thing I have to say is that the service can be sub par sometimes, as the servers seem to be very young and are only interested in making some extra spending money.

Last thing I leave you with are some other recommendations for you, because no one really just eats fried rice without some main dishes accompanying it. For a party of 4 people, I would say this is the perfect meal:

1 order of ochid fried rice (10.50)
1 order of shaken beef entree (14.95)
1 order of fried calamari (13.95)
1 order of eggplant add grilled pork (9.95)

Yes, the prices seem a little steep for a vietnamese restaurant, but the portions of each are definitely hearty, and you'll be impressed with the food and decor after you eat your meal.

highly recommended, 4/5 stars.


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  1. Since you're so enthusiastic about it, I guess I'll give it another try. Silly me, I ordered pho on my last visit, thinking a place with "pho" in the name would excel at the dish. Not. But I'll go back and try some of the other menu items...

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Yeah, their pho isn't great. I like their bun, though. It's a nice change-up.

      1. re: mikemill

        We ate there for the first time tonight and really enjoyed it. I had the pork pressed vermicelli entree and my husband had the pork bahn mi and a grilled pork with vermicelli and egg rolls. Thumbs up on all three counts.

        We have typically gone to Pho Nola for bahn mi in the past but this will be our new preference as the boba tea blender at Pho Nola has been running nonstop the last two times we have gone and it was very difficult to hear each other over all of it's noise. Atmosphere at Pho Orchid was really nice.

        1. re: mikemill

          The spring rolls however, are very good! As is the avocado boba tea.