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Sep 7, 2010 10:41 PM

Sensational ribs: eat and drool

Visiting Pittsbugh, I did a major search for authentic. on-premises smoked ribs, Dream smokes em outside, but unlike many in the area, you can go in and sith at a table, adding sodas and ice crream if you want to, and have any room left.

A very generous portion, for $10-- supposedly 4 ribs, but really 5 to 6-- is slapped into the box, followed by smokey greens, buttery cabbage, and cheesey, zesty and partially browned (think crunch) mac n cheese, your coice of sauce: hot, mild or teriaki(!). After dinner and lunch there, I think hot is best-- ameliorated by the brown sugar in the sauce.

The ribs themselves are the best I have tasted outside the south: smokey all the way through, lush and rich, well cooked but still with some firmness, and with a wonderful porky taste. I really didn't intend to go back the next day, but I couldn't resisit.

Oh, and if the area looks sketchy, we found it quite safe, and friendly.

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  1. I had never heard of this place until I saw your write-up and looked this place up on-line. Thanks for the tip. Now I can't wait to go there!

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    1. re: Burghfeeder

      am I missing the name of this place or don't I have enough coffee yet this a.m.?

      1. re: burghgal

        I hope that I have the right place, but I think he means Dream BBQ in Homewood on Braddock Ave.

        1. re: Burghfeeder

          Yes, I do. Sorry about the lack of specifics

    2. Back to The Dream in Pittsburgh: ribs are still rockin: smoked in the big drums outside on Braddock, then slow cooked inside for that meaty, smoky, drip down your chin taste.
      Cabbage will convert a cabbageholic. The only thing that has gone down in the last few years is the mac n cheese. Short cuts 'll get you every time.

      1. I lived in that area in the 1950's
        Today, I'd my tommy gun with me to visit Homewood/Brushton!!