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Sep 7, 2010 08:56 PM

Finally made it to Pizza Ortica

After reading such completely contradictory comments for so long regarding the Pizza Ortica experience, Im glad I finally had the chance to try it for myself. Im happy to report that the pizzas we had were delicious. 3 out of the 4 crusts were excellent; slightly crispy on the outside and a bit chewy inside, well-charred and bubbled and airy. The second of the pies, the salsiccia and the one i most looked forward to sinking my teeth into, let us down with an under cooked crust. Mind you, at these heats it probably amounted to 45 seconds in the WFO but thats obviously crucial. The cornicione was nicely charred but a blacked bubble may have convinced the youthful pizzaiolo that it was ready. It wasnt but the fennel sausage made it tasty nonetheless. Overall, though I understand that sometimes the dough can cause unexpected problems and a pie person might pull out a pie a bit too soon or too late, i cant understand how anyone wouldnt enjoy Pizza Ortica's pies....Go figure.

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  1. I'm soooo hungry now. Thank you for the review; I need to go back!

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      If you love pizza, and youre in the OC, you do have to go back....

    2. I went to Ortica today for lunch. After reading all the mixed reviews on the board here I had no expectations going into it. And i was very pleasantly surprised. I thought the dough was very good... Soft, with chew, wonderfully charred like I'd expect from a napoli style pizza. The toppings were pretty good, though not extraordinary. We ordered two pizzas, the Salsiccia, with the house made sausage and caramelized fennel, and the milanesa, with the Fontina, asparagus and fried egg. While i loved the sausage itself, i thought the milanesa was the better pizza overall.

      I haven't yet tried mozza, as i just moved from the new york area last week, but i don't think pizzeria ortica would be totally out of place next to some of the good Napoli style places i liked there, like keste, motorino or saraghina. Plus, the fact that it is about 50 feet from my office is a nice bonus....

      Pizzeria Ortica
      650 Anton Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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        I drove down from LA and, like you, had no real idea of what to expect given the wide range of opinions....glad to hear you, ike me, had an excellent pizza experience...the only question is consistency as i see it...i dont think their pizzaioli are real veterans.

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          Ortica's pizza is pretty good but their quality of dough ( due to their main pizzaioli/sous chef leaving while back) and consistency is real problem. After chef Steve and Zach left it's complete hit or miss with pizza and pasta. It's too bad as it was my favorite pizza place in Southern California. I do hear Steve and Zach is working on their own place some where near W. LA to be opening soon. I can't wait as it's closer to where I live.

        2. re: adamclyde

          Most of the negative reports are from people who don't understand Neapolitan style pizza and complain that the crust is not crispy or that the crust is wet in the middle...bascially complaining that its too authentic.

          See amusing thread: