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Sep 7, 2010 08:46 PM

Hillcountry Style BBQ in Dallas area

Looking for a place that does BBQ in the European Meat Market style that you see down in the Hill Country. A la Muellers....... Anything around Dallas? Please for the love of God don't say Rudy's, Dickey's or Coopers. Thanks!

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  1. Nothing like it really. You could take your chances with Hard Eight in Coppell or try Meshack's (to go only) in Garland.

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    1. re: luniz

      Meshaks is good, but not hill country style for sure. It's close to my house so it's my favorite.

      I've had Hard Eight, wasn't that impressed, but I like their location and set up. I hear NOTHING good about Coopers.

      1. I would also throw in Big Daddy's on 78 & 205 in Lavon. Again not really hillcountry but not bad.

        Big Daddy's
        6001 N Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76179

          1. Forget it. Drive to Central Texas or, dream about it.

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            1. re: twinwillow

              Bummer. Im in Central Texas enough to get my fix. I was really hoping to have some catered for my wedding. Hmmm..... There is that little airport right next to Muellers.... Any ideas?

              1. re: mulsannebump

                Maybe you can look for someone who specializes in bbq catering, check out their wares and go from there.... Of course, I'm not familiar with anyone who does bbq specific catering but I'd have to imagine they're out there somewhere.