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Sep 7, 2010 08:00 PM

Rise No. 1 What are your favorites?

I've looked at the menu for Rise No. 1 and would love to know what are the "can't be missed" items from their menu.

Likely, we would go at lunch and would definitely not skip dessert!


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  1. Mushroom souffle, the Gran Marnier souffle and the marshmallow soup (goat cheese). Also like the spinash souffle and escargot.

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    1. re: DallasDude

      Agree with the marshmallow soup--it's fabulous. The bread pudding souffle for dessert is also very good.

    2. If you indulge in a richer lunch option and would like to lighten it up on the dessert, the strawberry souffle is excellent tasting selection.... Made without the egg yolks typically found in traditional souffles, it's definitely lighter and more airy than the very rich, very good and very chocolaty, chocolate souffle.

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      1. re: blynk

        Most of the souffles are under 300 calories

      2. I eat there often. The classics are the best. For souffle, Jambon & Guyere and the Truffled Mushroom are my favorites. They often have gazpacho as a soup special and it is fabulous. The French Onion soup is also great.

        I used to love the whole artichoke appetizer but have been disappointed lately. The artichoke seems too "leftover and reheated".

        A frequent special is a crab and herb cheese soufflé. I have friends who adore this one, but I prefer the classics listed above.

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          Thanks for the replies thus far. My mouth waters just reading some of your suggestions.

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            I really like their cheese cart. We usually start with a bottle of benton lane pinot noir and cheeses from the cheese cart for an app. Then I always get the southwest chicken souffle(that might not actually be what it is called) and my husband gets the Jambon and Cheese. Then we split a dessert souffle. Its one of my favorite places in Dallas!

        2. I agree that the marshmellow soup is good and creatively served. I generally go here for lunch and enjoy the Rise 1 salad with chicken or the nicoise salad which is very good....I save the souffle for dessert and always choose the grand marnier but they are all delicious.....hope you enjoy it. The "can't be missed" is obviously a souffle and it is difficult to choose between savory or sweet but most people can't eat both. The salad dressing here is yummy and they sell it in jars - I keep one in the frig.

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          1. re: 2mel

            It looks like we will give it a try this weekend! I can't wait!

            1. re: onatrip

              Do not miss the marshmallow soup.