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Sep 7, 2010 05:56 PM

Lunch in Malibu

I will be taking an out of town guest to lunch in Malibu. Where is a good place to go for some good food?

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  1. I wouldn't recommend Gladstones at all. Read previous discusions. Bad reputation. I ate there there a couple of weeks ago, limited menu, very pricey and TERRIBLE service. Nice view and tourists have got to be the only thing keeping this place open. Good luck!

    1. Paradise Cove Cafe - Owned by the same chap who owned Gladstones 4 Fish, the Jetty and R.J's for ribs. 20$ for their AYCE seafood/salad buffet -delish. Sit outside on the beach (sand!), sit inside. The only thing I don't like about this place is their ice tea-passion fruit... Just N of Pepperdine but before Zuma beach if coming from the South. Can't go wrong with this place-Quintessential -L.A./beach/mailbu

      Paradise Cove Beach Cafe
      28128 Pacific Coast Hwy Frnt Frnt, Malibu, CA 90265

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        We LOVED Paradise Cove Beach Cafe for a late breakfast last week. We sat outside and took our shoes off and had warm sand under our feet. We frankly expected this place to be a typical tourist trap with great location, but bad food. We just happened upon it as we were driving up Highway 1, so we didn't know anything about the place.

        The service was great: order taken quickly, friendly, but no too friendly; food arrived quickly, coffee replenished regularly and best of all, the food was great! I had the seafood omelet, which had fresh shrimp, scallops and crab. Hubby had the Huevos Con Tortillas, which wasn't spicy, but had good flavor.

        We did the obligatory walk on the beach after we ate, which is in a stunning cove. The only negative is they charge $3.00 for parking even after validation by the restaurant.

        Paradise Cove Beach Cafe
        28128 Pacific Coast Hwy Frnt, Malibu, CA 90265

      2. Gladstones and Paradise Cove are same owners, same horrible menu. Paradise Cove is good for drinks ONLY (unless you like giant martini glasses filled with deep fried squid). Geoffreys is gorgeous during the day. Tiny, exclusive patio over the Pacific. Food is very good these days. Also, Malibu Beach Inn just south of the pier is a little known gem. Teeny tiny patio with only 6 tables - magical location - no one ever goes there oddly enough. Good wine list. Malibu Kitchen is great for a sandwich on the patio. Have the meatloaf and swiss cheese with coleslaw. Amazing. Coogies is a diner with no atmosphere and only one good thing on the menu: the Turkey Burger with the house BBQ secret sauce and fries. Tra Di Noi is excellent Italian on the sandbox square at Cross Creek. Have the sole with a glass of white wine. Machers do their power lunches there. Pretty patio. You can get take out from the same restaurant and eat on the park. Have the gnocchi with pesto. If you like Mexican, Howdy's at Cross Creek is great. Have the shrimp burrito. Organic Mexican. I'm not a salad person, but for those of you who might be, John's Garden on the Cross Creek sandbox park is nice for a redwood bench lunch in the sun.

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          Gladstone's is NOT owned any longer by Bob Morris who owns Paradise Cove. Paradise Cove is the only restaurant from what I was told that he has. And, the menu is not that bad.

          1. re: Kitchen Queen

            Paradise Cove Cafe (and the mobile home park above) is owned by the Kissel Co. The Bob Morris name is retained however.

            And since I highly value clean ocean water it's very tough for me to frequent Paradise Cove Cafe given the Kissel Company's history with raw sewage in Paradise Cove...plenty of info on the internet if anyone is curious.

            1. re: LATrapp

              Thank you very much...This ruins a perfectly good getaway spot.

          2. re: FoodKitCat

            Great write-up, FoodKitCat. I think you have covered the territory nicely and I agree with your assessments. I have always enjoyed Tra Di Noi. Service has been consistently good over the years and their salads are delicious.

          3. Tra di Noi at the Malibu Country Mart. Go where the locals go.

            But if you want a view, then just go to Moonshadows or Dukes. Neither of them are known for their cuisine, but the views are great. Paradise Cove is an option. Beachcomber on the Malibu Pier is another choice for views -great views actually.

            Gladstones is neither in Malibu nor owned by Morris. It is now part of the Nazarian group.

            1. Both the Chart House and Duke's have very adequate food (Chart House being the more expensive of the two) and are really quite lovely places to sit and watch the dolphins swim by.